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10 different must-have bathroom supplies

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Bathrooms are the most intimate space of a house and that’s why it’s often said, “clean bathroom ensures a healthy body”.

Even though the size of a bathroom is much smaller, when compared to other rooms around the house, it plays a very important role in everyone’s day-to-day life. Yet people often tend to ignore this space and as a design enthusiast, it saddens me to the core.

Thus, I have listed ten must-have supplies for your bathroom that not only enhance the functioning of the space but if picked rightly, also add an aesthetic edge to it.


These are metal containers with rounded, or a V-shaped structure, with a flat bottom. Buckets are generally made of plastic or metal, and they come in handy to store excess water or sometimes, dirty laundry. Buckets are a basic necessity for a bathroom, making it my top pick for this list.

Buckets come in a variety of shapes and sizes with storage capacities ranging from 10 litres to 20 or 30 litres. So, you have plenty of varieties of buckets to choose from – select the ones that satisfy your need the best.

You can also explore different colours or designs depending on your bathroom interiors.


The tumbler and the bucket go hand in hand, as tumblers are used for drawing water from the bucket. Even with tumblers, you have a variety of options to pick your favourite. Tumblers generally come in sizes ranging from 1 litre to 1.5 litres.

Sometimes tumblers are provided along with the buckets but are also sold as a single piece.

Bath towels

Towels help us dry our body after a shower and in fact, some people also use them to keep the bathroom dry and clean.

You would be very surprised to know that, besides the standard towels that can be seen in many homes, towels come in an array of sizes and shapes. Depending on this, the uses of the towels have also expanded to cleaning the cabinets in the washroom, drying hands, and similar.

As bath towels come directly in contact with our skin, you should be very careful while choosing them. Most towels are made from cotton and Turkish cotton, as this material makes the towel become more durable.

Towel stand

If you have a habit to keep throwing the towel after use, you definitely need a towel stand. A towel stand holds all the towels in one place and keeps your bathroom organized.  

Apart from your towels, the towel stand can also hold some of your clothes while you are showering. These stands look super chic and take up the least floor space.

Towel Hanger

A towel stand can be a really great option for your bathroom, but only if you have enough floor space to spare. For those who don’t, a towel hanger is simply a straight rod, fixed onto the wall.

Towel hangers, because of their portable structure, can be installed at any place in your bathroom. But usually, it is advised to affix it a bit away from the shower place so that the towels don’t get wet.

The towel hanger also comes in handy in keeping clothes while bathing. This is because some varieties of towel hangers are a set of two to three rods, which also act as a shelf.

Bathroom hooks

Bathroom hooks are an absolute must-have. They can be used to hang towels and sometimes clothes too. It may look like a very small item on the list but trust me, it’s a saviour.

Shower mats

Bathing accounts for more than a quarter of the accidents and over 14% happen when using the restroom. If you want to escape the number, make sure to install some shower mats in your bathroom.

Shower mats are waterproof and they provide grip to prevent accidents caused by slipping.

Shower shampoo dispenser

A shampoo dispenser when installed in the shower will eliminate the hassle of carrying shampoo bottles. They can store the shampoo of your choice and help in dispensing at your convenience.

Toilet Paper rolls

Toilet paper rolls are amongst the most basic amenities in washrooms so make sure you never run out of them. You can head over to onestopcleaningsupplies.com to stock your toilet paper.  

Trash Cans

As I said, the bathroom is the most intimate space in your home and you must keep it clean. To ensure that, always keep some trash cans in stock. Wasted tags, sachets and sanitary napkins can be hygienically disposed into these trash cans.

Over to you…

So, these were some of the must-haves that you must order today to keep your bathroom clean, organized and hygienic. 

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