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10 Tips to Hire Remote Developers for Your Startup

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Remote work is growing with each day. It is time we embrace the reality and hire remote developers. Sometimes the process of hiring local talents takes days. 

The ROI becomes an imminent threat for the company. In that case, we should approach the method of hiring remote developers and keep on progressing. 

Don’t limit yourself to Local Talent

According to data revealed by various studies, there are millions of freelancers with top-quality talents waiting to be found. Hiring remotely will give you a chance to explore all possibilities to end up with better talent at a minimum cost.

If hiring a freelancer seems an odd idea for you then there are companies like Optymize that will help you with your project as soon as you tell your requirements. 

Check the qualities of the remote developer

As soon as you begin to receive CV’s for the job you posted, then it’s time to sort through each of the CVs and choose the best one out of them. You should begin with education. Then check carefully through the skills and talents.

You must look for technologies that match your requirements. As soon as you find the desired candidate, you should pat yourselves on the back. It’s a tough job and you did it. 

Try to get a better idea of Technical talents

To ensure that the technical criteria are met, the recruiting team should include a person who not only comes from a technical background but also has a deep grasp of various technologies and how they are utilized by developers.

If the member has specific information, such as tips or techniques about such technologies, it will be beneficial to query the applicant during the interview.

Never miss the Portfolio

A resume supports the abilities of a freelancer. If you are searching for a web developer then the resume should contain at least a few types of software such as an e-commerce site, A simple app that can accept a request and deliver the result.

It is always better if the customized portfolio was developed by the freelancer himself. These projects will assist in judging the best candidate to call out for the next process.

A test is a must

You can’t give the position to the developer even if the portfolio impresses you. You must check with some of the real-world problems that your company may face.

For that, you must organize a test. It can be separate tests to check hard skills or soft skills or combine them into one. If the test score is as high as your expectation then it’s time for the final interview. 

The interview

In the final interview, you notice communication skills. The ability to answer a problem. The understanding of the procedure of his work and will it suit the company or not. As you talk with the candidate then you will know if the candidate will fulfill the requirement or not. 

An unrefusable offer

What do you do to keep the best talent? You offer an unrefusable deal. A deal that will help in the growth of both the company and the candidate. An offer that will be better for the company to provide to a remote worker instead of local talent. 

The onboarding

An introduction session followed by a session on the responsibilities will be the motive of the onboarding. You may also help the candidate by organizing an orientation informing all the know-hows and how-tos. It will help the candidate to learn about the ways of companies and find ways to fit into them. 

Share company’s values

If you are certain that you want to hire this individual, make them feel appreciated and wanted in your business. Show them what you truly care about, and that it isn’t simply about filling empty seats. The purpose of this phase is to build and maintain several touchpoints with them.

A diverse team

On paper, all companies support diversity, but until you aim for it, you won’t be able to attract a larger range of individuals. Make your workplace appealing to the kind of people you want to recruit in order to attract a larger range of applications.

To do so, you must first understand your diversity objectives, which include factors like age, gender, job experience, and other indications.


Startup entrepreneurs are recruiting remote engineers to solve a dearth of technical skills. This shift is advantageous since it allows them greater flexibility and access to a more affordable and diverse talent pool.

We’ve shown you where and how you discover the ideal remote IT talent, as well as why Optymize is a suitable fit for you.

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