4 Benefits of Microbiome Skincare

Microbiome skincare

Microbiome skincare is a comparatively new trend that has set in, and for all the good reasons. But before we dig into the details, let’s first know:

What is a microbiome?

A microbiome is a cluster of microbes that dwell in close proximity to one another. Multiple microbiomes exist on and inside the body, each with its own set of features based on the microbiome, or skin organisms (bacteria, fungus, pathogens, and other microbes) that thrive therein. The microbiome of the skin, as the body’s biggest component, can vary depending on your body part.

As they are subjected to diverse external elements such as daylight, air, and water, the microbiome that lives on or around the epidermis of our cheeks will be different from the others that live upon that surface of our toes.

Our skin is also a habitat to a diverse range of bacteria, and science is only now beginning to put together the critical function they serve in our wellbeing, with more interesting studies on the way.

Down below are six ways in which you can immensely benefit from microbiome skincare.

Helps our immune system

Our microbiome was formerly assumed to exist exclusively on the epidermis, with the underlying epidermal layers being unclean. That is no longer the case.

In 2013, researchers looked deeply into the epidermis for microorganisms, finding them all the way down to the visceral adipose layer.

While an additional investigation is necessary, it seems that the most profound connection between the microbiota and our immunological response occurs in this stratum.

Protects us from infections

According to research findings, balanced skin microbiota guard against illness in the very same manner as a robust gut bacterium performs: by pushing out harmful microorganism proliferation.

The skin microbiota favors an acidic (pH of roughly 5.0) milieu, which further hinders the reproduction of pathogenic organisms.

Prevents inflammation

The microbiome and immune system of the skin “communicate” with one another on a daily basis, reducing inflammation.

When the microbiota is out of sync, the defence system can help restore equilibrium by releasing antibacterial proteins like cathelicidin. Similarly, our probiotic bacteria can prevent the immune response from releasing inflammatory substances.

Probiotics help to heal the epidermis and are mild and sufficient to apply to sensitive skin. They’re not just harmless to use, but they also help to improve the condition of sensitive skin.

It defends us from environmental threats

In addition, the microbiome promotes the healing process, reduces allergenic contact, reduces oxidation injury, and makes the skin lush and hydrated.

Indeed, a new study suggests that it can shield humans from the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet radiation. According to the report, Rats harboring the microbe Staphylococcus epidermidis formed considerably fewer cancers when subjected to UV rays than rodents without it.

The revelation of the human microbiota has sparked a unique way of thinking about how to care for and maintain our skin’s natural wellness and attractiveness.

The range of advantages of probiotics (live microorganisms) and prebiotics (the foods our microbes survive upon) and how they can affect the human skin have been steadily growing based on new research studies and evidence.

Science behind Microbiome Skin treatment

Most pathogens are prevented from growing on acidified skin, whereas indigenous flora, or healthy microorganisms, thrive.

The aforementioned variety of skincare improvements can occur when your beneficial bacteria is flourishing. With more data backing up the arguments, I’m more inclined to pursue the Microbiome skincare treatment.

How to select the perfect Microbiome?

Finally, while contemplating probiotics in beauty products, keep in mind that varied microorganisms on the epidermis perform varying functions. It’s no surprise that there’s a variety of microbes that can be used to improve our beauty products.

Varied oils have diverse effects on the body, and differing probiotic strains provide distinct outcomes. If the microbiota strain you tested didn’t provide you with the outcomes you wanted, try a different one. 

Over to you…

Through every successive year, we become increasingly aware of the significance of our skin microbiota to our general wellness.

It not only improves the appearance of our skin, but it also protects our bodies. If you want to ensure that your microbiota thrives, avoid abrasive cosmetics and maintain hydrated and healthy skin.

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