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4 Ways to Get Your Brisbane Business in a Featured Snippet

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Having a business means you must exhaust all possible strategies to reach success. And in Brisbane, where there are more than 134,000 registered businesses in 2020, focusing on tactics that bring you relevant leads is what you need to do to increase conversion and make your brand stand out.

Yes, digital marketing and SEO are the keys to success in this modern age where everything has gone digital. And this is why you need the expertise of seo brisbane so you can develop the best plan to bring your business to success.

And when you talk about SEO strategies, getting featured in a snippet is what you need to aim for. Doing so will help you land in the top spot on Google’s results page.

So, what should you do to get in a featured snippet?

Structure your content.

If you noticed, many featured snippets are composed of a paragraph or a list. For example, one of the most searched topics in Brisbane and the whole of Australia in 2021 is “how to make candles”. The content snippet that Google featured is a list highlighting the procedure.

Google knows how to find the exact answer to a user’s query by relying on the content structure. Thus, you need to use subheadings and give clear, concise explanations in short paragraphs, listicles, or tables – three of the major categories found in featured snippets.

Don’t focus on your target keyword alone.

It’s hard to predict what Google will choose for its featured snippet. So, instead of optimizing your content for your target keyword alone, create one that’s longer and answers more related questions. 

Using long-tail keywords may get lesser traffic. However, they are more specific and can lead to better conversion because these are the keywords used when a consumer comes close to a decision. 

So, if your Brisbane business is all about gym clothes, that’s the exact keyword you will want to optimize for. But when you use long-tail keywords, using “cheap gym clothes” or “maternity gym clothes” could be effective for better conversion. This will push you up the ranking for organic search and give you a better chance at landing in a featured snippet box.

Make use of video content.

There is no question why video content has become popular with online users. They’re very engaging and provide information immediately. And Google knows this, which is why many YouTube videos are already on the featured snippet box.

If you search for the top DIY query in Brisbane, “how to make a face mask”, you will see that the featured snippet is a YouTube video of the procedure. This shows that you need to create video content and optimize it for this purpose.  

Have a question and answer section in your content.

You can easily find answers to users’ questions in a Q&A or FAQ section on your page. This makes it easier for Google to find the most relevant result regarding a query and feature it in a snippet.

Having answers to a direct question is a great way of leading users to your page. This is something that experts in SEO Brisbane cannot emphasize more.

Of course, one must-have on your page are featured snippets. The best you can do about it is to take advantage and make sure you land your content in a box. If you don’t, your competition in Brisbane will take your place and beat you. So, be sure to get only the best SEO agency in Brisbane to help you optimize your content and claim a spot in Google’s featured snippets.

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