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5 best and healthy small animal treats

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A research conducted by The American Pet Product Association, around 11 million families have adopted a new pet in 2021. If you’re one of them, I know you want the best for your little furball. But finding nutritional (and tasty) treats to offer our animal buddies may be difficult. Unhealthy dog treats can adversely impact your pet’s physical health and also their mood.  

For example, your pet may love bacon and get really happy when you treat them with it. But, too many of these treats can make them overweight which is the cause of so many illnesses.

So, instead, check out these five healthy animal treats that can make your pet happy and also keep them healthy!

Pet Botanics Training Reward Flavor Dog Treats

Pet Botanics Training rewards are very famous in the pet world. These are chewy, and savory pieces of meat or fish and contain only three calories.

Your pet dog will enjoy these treats as they are available in bacon, salmon, chicken, beef, and turkey varieties. They are also extremely inexpensive, and each pack contains almost five hundred treats in it.

The star element in such exercise treats is pork liver, which is prepared in the United States. They include no BHA, BHT, soy, or ethoxyquin and are produced with a proprietary combination of herbal components.

The tiny shape and spongy texture make them great for training, but I’m confident your dog will like them as a daily treat as well.

PureBites Chicken Treats

If you want the best treats for your doggo irrespective of the money that you need to pay for it, then PureBites Chicken Treats might be the best option for you. Honestly, this treat is not so cheap, but there’s a reason behind the big number.

These treats are made from our chicken, with absolutely no additives, no preservatives, or fillers, whatsoever. These are very healthy, and their small-sized shapes make them more appealing to the pet.

So, if you’re willing to spend some money on your dog’s treat, this is the healthiest option for you. But if not, you can find a lot of affordable alternatives with similar nutritional content on Pet City.

Sheba Melty Premium Snacks for Cats

For your kittens, this cat treat by Sheba is a very good option. Pets, across the board, love to be rewarded and this treatment is ideal for your cat.

These goodies are made from high-quality chicken, and its savory and creamy feel, makes this treat very famous in the cat food category. Plus, they are super healthy.

These treats usually come in sticks and you can easily hand-feed your cat and let them enjoy every bit of it. But, make sure to check the diet chart for your cat and also, check whether your cat is allergic to these or not.

If both criteria are ticked, then you’re free to reward your cat with these treats.

Kitto’s Cat treats Multi-flavour Combo

This is another savory, super delicious treat for your kitty. These treats typically come in a combo, with a blend of various flavors that your cat might like.

If you are still not sure about what your cat likes, then this can be a really good treat choice as it allows you to explore. Chicken chewy bits, mackerel rings, salmon jerky strips, and shrimp jerky slices are included in this four-pack combo. So, you have four great options in hand to choose what’s best for your cat.

These treats come in compact packaging, so you can also carry them on trips. Since cats are high-maintenance animals, they easily get bored of the same food every day. But with these treats, trust me, they will be ever-intrigued!

Fruits for Rabbits

Rabbits are the cutest beings on earth, hands down. They are such cute and friendly little animals, that all I wanna do is cuddle them all day. But, to maintain the health of your precious, little bunny, you need to be extra careful.

Rabbits love fruits like berries and bananas, so why not offer them as treats? Fruits are anyway super healthy and will fulfill your bunny’s nutritional requirements.

Over to you…

Being a pet parent is not at all child’s play. It comes with a lot of responsibilities and as their caregiver, you have to make their health your topmost priority. But that doesn’t mean, you must devoid them of treats. Instead, switch to fit and healthy treats from this list and pick what’s best for your furry friend.

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