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5 Comfy Fashion Ideas for Autumn 2022

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If you’re changing things up in your closet, you may be looking for new styles to wear for the fall season. There’s just something about the fall season that makes us want to wear cozy and warm clothing while remaining stylish. If you’re looking to stay comfortable and warm while maintaining your personal style, here are a few ideas that can help ensure that you stay fashionable and comfy throughout this season.  

Jumpsuits are so comfy

If we had to choose the perfect fall outfit, it’d have to be a jumpsuit. It’s so easy to wear, you don’t have to worry about matching tops with bottoms, and you can find jumpsuits in all kinds of materials and styles. 

Whether you prefer comfortable linen jumpsuits or like to go for thicker material for added warmth, consider using jumpsuits throughout the fall for a fashionable look that is also very comfy. Pair them with Converse sneakers or army boots and you’re ready to go. 

Large hoodies are great

If you just want to be comfy but also look cute, you typically can’t go wrong with a hoodie. Large hoodies can be paired with leggings or jeans for a casual yet put-together look that you won’t be embarrassed to be seen in while out and about. If you’re looking to take it a step further, add some accessories like chain necklaces and a shoulder bag. 

While you may prefer to steal your partner’s hoodies, there are a lot of great styles to be found online if you don’t have that option. Whether you buy from your favorite brand or favorite influencer on Instagram, make sure your fall wardrobe has plenty of hoodies for the season.  

Oversized jackets feel like a warm hug

For cool days when you just need a hug, consider putting on your favorite oversized bomber jacket if there’s no one to provide you with one. While it doesn’t make up for a real hug, it’s the next best thing and will have you looking pretty stylish while you’re at it. Bomber jackets or even jean jackets are both great options for that oversized look. 

Boots keep the footsies warm

Socks with slides or crocs may be a fashion trend that people remain loyal to, but the reality is that there’s nothing quite like boots for the cooler months. Boots can come in different shapes and sizes, so whether you’re a fashionista who loves her high heels or you’re more into the grunge look, you can find the best boots for your fashion choices.  Talk to your personal stylist about the best looks for your style needs so you can shop for boots you’ll love to wear. 


Imagine this: big hair, sweatsuits with high-top tennis shoes. It looks like the 80s, but it’s not. It’s fall of 2022 and we’re all about being comfortable for these cool months. Back in style, sweatsuits are the perfect wardrobe for meeting up with friends at the park or chilling with your homies while at home over drinks. 

Sweatsuits can even be used for a casual meal at your local pub. Who’s judging? We’re certainly not. While you may not get away with wearing a sweatsuit to the office (maybe?), you can certainly own the style for hanging out with friends or running around the city doing errands. Comfort is key in the fall season. 

Comfy Fashion Ideas for Autumn

In Conclusion 

If you want to update your closet with fall items that are fashionable and comfy, get started with these items that we mentioned above. You can be sure to stay warm with your favorite hoodie or jumper while also staying trendy and on-point. From office looks that your image consultant approves of to casual styles that keep you cozy, there are a variety of fall fashion options to choose from for your specific needs. 

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