5 Commercial Industries That Rely Heavily On Industrial Water Pumps

Commercial Industries

Several industries use water pumps to move large amounts of water for cooling, irrigation, and more. In order to move large amounts of water, they need industrial water pumps. Remko pump supplier knows all the best brands and what size is needed for what type of job, helping companies to find the right pump for their needs and ensuring follow-up maintenance and repairs are provided. The five industries that rely on these pumps the most are irrigation, agriculture, construction, and oil and gas.


Irrigation allows for large amounts of water to be moved from natural sources or city plumbing to water crops and plants. This is used both on farms and in agriculture, but also for greenhouses, lawns, and city landscapes. Using irrigation allows for landscaping and parks to remain healthy throughout the summer and into the fall, even if there is a shorter rainy season or dryer days.


Agriculture provides food to be shipped around the world, as well as crops for animal feed, for raw materials for types of cloth and other items, and more. In order to balance the growth and keep crops healthy, there is heavy use of water pumps to feed irrigation systems that will help supply water to the area whenever needed.


As the construction industry moves more towards green housing and environmentally friendly buildings, water pumps are being improved. They are used for water heating, to move the water through the pipes, and for in-floor heating, where water is run through the pipes under the floor to keep it warm to the touch. They are also key to moving the wastewater and operating the clean water system through the buildings as well.

Oil and Gas

This large industry uses industrial pumps for many tasks and moving many types of material around the site. These are perhaps the strongest and largest of all of the industrial pumps, moving things around large areas and ensuring that they are successful. A stopped pump can shut down a worksite until it is repaired, which can lead to losses in the hundreds or thousands, depending on how long it takes to fix it.

When purchasing industrial pumps, it is important to know what material will be moved, whether it is clean water, slurry, or oil, to know how far it must travel and what type of location it will be used in.

This will all determine what size of the pump is needed, as even within heavy-duty industrial pumps, there are different sizes and strengths available for different tasks and industries.

Choose a supplier that offers ongoing support and has access to parts when there will need to be repaired, as every moving machine will wear down eventually and require repairs, along with regular maintenance. Each of the top industries that are using water pumps has its own expectations for them and will find the right brand and strength for their needs.