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5 Essentials Every Man Should Keep in their Wardrobe

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There has been plenty of material written and spoken on women’s essentials, and women’s wardrobes. But what about men? The fact that their wardrobe is so ignored puts me off.

It is only recently that men’s fashion has skyrocketed and designers are now experimenting with their style. So, if you also want to up your fashion game, it is important for you to keep up with the trends and the ever-changing market.

So, below I have discussed a few must-haves, and essentials, that you must have in your wardrobe.

A chiselled white shirt

Ask any woman their opinion of a man who is wearing a well-fitting white shirt with a classic pair of blue denim, and trust me, no one would deny that it is an absolute turn-on.

That’s the power of a plain white shirt!

You can wear them to offices, to clubs, cafes, or even to parties. They go equally well in both – formal or fun gatherings.

But make sure you pair the bottoms well and get the fittings of your shirt done by a professional tailor. Nobody appreciates a baggy or too skinny white shirt.

The right watch

Watches (not smartwatches) are coming back, steadily, but surely. There was a brief phase where the sale of smartphones was at an all-time high that saw a decline in watches because people thought that their handset is enough to serve the purpose of a watch.

But, not anymore. Watches are gaining back their vigour and it would be wise if you plan to invest in them. Yes, you read that right – some watches are an investment as they appreciate in value over time.

There’s a great disparity among men, about watches. There is a certain part of the population that are absolute watch fanatics and have more than a dozen, and then there are people who don’t even have one. You don’t aim to be either.

Good for you if you are a part of the former group, but if not, you are good to go with a classy analogue.

Different types of footwear

Do you know what is the first thing one notices when they first meet you? It is not your face, not your suit, or your tie, but, surprisingly, it is your shoes. Your shoes are the first thing anyone first lays eyes on. Do you need any more reason to know why you need to have more shoes?

When I say Nike shoes or footwear, I am referring to innumerable kinds of shoes, not the same-ol’ sneakers but Crocs, sneakers, formals, canvas, sandals, slippers, everything.

Although it would be great if you have a one-of-a-kind, it is not feasible for everyone to do so. So, look for some must-haves on the internet depending on your daily lifestyle and day-to-day needs.

Loafers top my list; as they appear super classy and trendy. They are suitable for more than one kind of environment and are easy to maintain.

Daily Jocks

If you still think the market hasn’t evolved and innovated and is still stuck at those old school boxers/briefs or classic V cuts, you are mistaken.

There is a wide variety of underwear now readily available in the market, ranging from, swimwear, partywear, regular underwear, partywear and even fetish wear.

If you still haven’t got your hands on them, you are certainly missing out on a lot of comforts, and fun at the same time. Get your first pair from Daily Jocks, today!

A pair of denim

Your wardrobe can never, I repeat, NEVER be complete without a pair of denim. You can pair it with absolutely anything – a shirt, a t-shirt or even a kurta. In fact, denim is also the go-to choice for any event – from a bachelor’s party to a wedding function.

So, go explore a few and invest in one – trust me, you’ll never regret it.  

Over to you…

Your wardrobe wouldn’t just be limited to these things. Go explore suits, chinos, ties, belts, perfumes and anything that comes to your mind.

Remember, in the end, it all boils down to how well you groom yourself, to look dapper, sharp and classy for that special occasion. It definitely begins from a well-chosen wardrobe but is carried forward with your confidence.

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