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5 Jewelry Storage Ideas You’ll Actually Want to Use

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If you like collecting jewelry, then you likely have a beautiful selection of heirlooms and vintage pieces. But often, these pieces may turn into a tangled mess that you can’t seem to fix. Sometimes, they’d end up at the back of the drawer or in a broken and forgotten cabinet.

However, you can prevent this by having your jewelry storage system. It’s not just utilitarian storage but an adaptable and dynamic space that protects your precious belongings. You can even show off your creativity with some of these storage ideas we’ve listed below.

Jewelry Storage: The First Step is To Organize

Regardless of what kind of organization project you’re doing, you’ll always face a few obstacles in accomplishing it. And for jewelry storage, the main challenge is that jewelry comes in different shapes and sizes. Some pieces are even very fragile and easily tangled. They’re not like clothes or shoes that can be easily stored without the risk of intertwining with each other.

To start, take a look at your collection of jewelry and categorize them. Group all of the earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces together. This will make it easier for you to remember the general order of things. Another option is to divide them based on how often you’re expecting to wear them and then divide them by type. You can segregate jewelry based on your daily wear and those for occasions only. That way, the precious jewelry that won’t be used often can be stored in a safe deposit box.

5 Jewelry Storage Ideas For You

Display Your Lab Created Diamonds Like a Jewelry Store

Jewelry stores specialize in gorgeously organizing their products so why not look up your favorite jewelry store? 

Try to see how they arrange their products. For instance, you can separate the loose lab created diamonds from naturally mined diamond rings. Lab grown diamonds are as precious as mined diamonds but not as expensive. They’re ethically sourced and eco-friendly which is why they appeal to a younger audience.

Your favorite display at a store can inspire you to have creative storage ideas at home. Some jewelry stores use traditional storage methods while others explore their options. Jewelry websites are a good example to find storage ideas because they incorporate unexpected items into them. For example, they’d use branches to hang necklaces or lay lab created diamond rings on pieces of wood.

Jewelry Trays Can Divide Your Accessories Into Different Drawers

If you have the space, you can opt to use jewelry trays like ones you’d find in a jewelry store and use them as drawer storage. The velvet around your jewelry will give it a luxurious feel and help keep them from sliding around. It will also help you find items easier when the background is solid and consistent. 

Jewelry trays can fit nicely in most drawers or stacked to accommodate more pieces, allowing you to save space. You can stack them in frameless cabinets or other storage spaces. The tray can keep your jewelry in good condition because each piece has its own space. None of them get tangled or scratched while stored but don’t forget to add a lock on your jewelry drawer for security purposes.

Dish Out the Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

A shallow tray or ring dish can help corral some of your everyday rings, including your lab grown diamond engagement ring. You can just take off your rings at the end of the day and keep them in one place. Then the next day, they’re all there for you to wear again, a complete set. 

Any small trinket dish will do, but you can always look for stylish or fancy ones online. You can also visit antique shops if you want it to look vintage with your jewelry. It’s a convenient thing to have on your bedside table every day, so feel free to try it out.

Use a Wall Organizer to Hang Your Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

As the saying goes, “if there’s a will, there’s a way” and if you have no drawer or counter space, use your walls! You can maximize storage with the use of vertical spaces, like using wall organizers.  

Wall organizers are hung with hooks underneath to hang your lab-grown diamond jewelry. Earrings are difficult to store with this method but rings, necklaces, and bracelets will do just fine. They’ll be elegantly displayed and easy to access when you need them.

Home Decor Your Jewelry and Lab Created Diamond Rings

Do you have miniature figures lying around that you can put some accessories on? Or maybe some furniture with a lot of edges sticking out, perfect to hang your necklaces? Those are just some ideas that you can do to store your jewelry in a home decor kind of way.

Of course, it’s better to have all of those in your room so the accessories are spread out but accessible for daily wear. Some tabletop displays can hold your rings and earrings for you when you’re getting ready for the day. 

For example, imagine a small tree-like decoration with branches sticking out. It can hold your necklaces and bracelets while its cupped base holds the earrings and diamond rings. You can put your favorite accessories there and they’ll be ready for you to grab anytime you need to head out.


Jewelry storage is a little different from storing your clothes or your shoes. Jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, making their storage more difficult than others. Some of them are even more fragile or get tangled too easily so the right storage is needed. You also need to keep in mind how you’ll organize your collection to be more efficient and convenient.

If you need inspiration, you can check out your favorite jewelry stores on how they display their wares. Since they display their jewelry for commercial purposes, they’re bound to be presented in classy and creative ways. You can also use jewelry trays and stack them to save space in your room.

Wall organizers, dishes, and home decor are all good jewelry storage ideas as well. They help you maximize storage space and your daily jewelry becomes more accessible. This list shouldn’t limit you, instead, it’s only a guide. You can get creative and have fun with your storage ideas! 

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