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5 Things every person should do to reduce Carbon footprint

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Wondering what a Carbon footprint is? How to reduce it? Why do we have to reduce it? Well, here’s an answer to all the questions.

A carbon footprint is the amount of emitted greenhouse gasses, specifically carbon dioxide, daily through our actions.

On average, the total percentage of the world’s carbon footprint is 5%, whereas the target is 2%.There are ways through which you can calculate your carbon footprint and make a way to change it. 

The use of fossil fuels leads to the release of greenhouse gasses, causing a rise in the heating up of the earth’s surface. It is seen that the earth has been heating up now more than ever in the last few years. 

  • What is the importance of reducing Carbon footprints?

Reducing carbon footprints will help us create a better atmosphere for our living by improving the existing atmosphere filled with global warming.

Now that we understand what and why let’s get ahead about knowing how we can reduce the carbon footprint?

Here are a few things that every person should do to reduce their Carbon footprints. 

  • Use Public Transport

For a fact, we all love to travel in our comfort. Traveling to the smallest place with our vehicle is the definition of comfort traveling for us. But I’ve always wondered how our comfort can be harmful to the atmosphere, which will indirectly affect our health. Well, it’s okay to give it a thought now.

The use of public transportation or environment-friendly transport mediums will be the right step that will help us reduce the release of these harmful gasses. This will help save the release of 2.4 tons of carbon dioxide.

We have all read that vehicles are one of the reasons for air pollution. That is because, on average, a vehicle releases 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. This is the data of every public transport vehicle. So imagine how many tons of carbon dioxide are being released if each uses their private mode of transport.

Try using a private mode of transport when it’s a must. If it can be avoided, try to avoid it. This will be one way that can help us reduce our carbon footprints. 

  • Use the 5’Rs 

We have primarily heard of the three R’s as reduce, reuse, and recycle, but we have two more that are important too. 

The 5 R’s are Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Refuse and Rot. Let’s understand each in detail to help us make the right actions. 

Reduce: Always try reducing your consumption of things that are dangerous to the environment or are scarce. There are things like plastic that harm the environment as they stay long in the environment ones used, so try to make less use of them

Recycle:  Converting waste into new material is called recycling. So it is better to recycle to reduce raw material extraction. 

Reuse: Try getting things that can be reused. This will help avoid the unnecessary buying of things. 

Refuse: Always refuse to buy harmful things to the environment, like plastic. Refuse to use these things; instead, carry your bags. 

Rot: Try setting up a composting system for the waste produced through food or always dispose of it in a proper yard. 

  • Switch off Electricity when not required

The best way to reduce your carbon footprint is by checking on your electricity consumption. Have you ever wondered how electricity reaches our homes?  

Heat energy is produced by burning fossil fuels that are later converted into electrical energy supplied to our homes in the form of Electricity.

Electricity accounts for 33% of the emission of greenhouse gas. Therefore, reducing your use of Electricity can reduce your carbon footprint.


  • Limit Meat Consumption

According to UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), meat consumption accounts for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Cutting down on meat is a way to reduce carbon footprints. Compared to before, many people have become vegan and prefer eating plant-based food to animal-based food, which has reduced the release of these harmful gasses to a very good extent.

The choices you make about your meal every day have a significant impact on the atmosphere you stay in. So be wise when you make a choice.

  • Carbon offsets

Carbon Offsets is a method of paying a certain amount for an environment that will be a compensation for the carbon footprints produced by you. Our everyday activity produces carbon emissions so it is an efficient way to give back to the environment. This project involves planting trees or any such ideas that will help us reduce the release of greenhouse gasses. 

You can easily count your personal carbon footprint with a carbon footprint tracker available in the market and take necessary action. 

Ending note

The increase in releasing these harmful gasses results from all our mistakes. Here are a few ways to rectify the mistakes we have been making. These changes aren’t easy to make, but the right choice will help us set up a better world for us to live in and fresh air for us to breathe. 

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