6 Essential Things Every College Student Should Keep In Their Backpack

Essential Things Every College Student

It’s a pretty famous norm that college students carry almost nothing in their backpacks when they attend classes. Most of us woke up late every morning and rushed to class with just a notebook and a pen. But having a neatly organized bag can not only help you to keep track of things quickly but also help you carry multiple things in one place.

In the US, nearly 79 million college students have backpacks simply because it’s much more convenient. If you are a college student new to the experience, here are six essential items you must always carry with you.

  1. Laptop

No college experience is truly an experience without a laptop. You will need this device to take down notes, do any kind of presentation, and make reports.

So always remember to carry a laptop with you when you go to class. If you don’t have a laptop, you can also use a tablet. When you have a free class, you can even play games or listen to music!

Some of the most affordable and student-friendly laptops are from brands like Acer and HP but you can also go for a Macbook or a Dell laptop. Just be sure to check if your professor allows you to use a laptop in class or not.

  1. Wallet

The next essential thing you must carry is a wallet. Your wallet is your survival key in college and it should have enough cash, along with necessary ID cards.

Make sure not to stuff your wallet with a lot of cash or cards because if it gets stolen, you’ll be in trouble. Ideally, you should keep the wallet tucked in a safe corner of your backpack and then secure the bag with a lock.

You will need your wallet no matter where you go to pay for stationery, food, and other personal items. Your college ID cards, driving license, and other important proofs should also be in your wallet.

  1. Headphones

Which college student doesn’t like listening to music? So, invest in an addicted to audio headphones, and make sure you keep it in your bag. Not only will headphones be a good idea to kill free time but can also prevent you from getting distracted in class by outside noises.

If regular headphones are too bulky for you, you can even bring earpods or Bluetooth earphones to save a bit of space in your backpack. From listening to regular music to interesting podcasts, headphones can be really useful for you.

  1. Water bottle

Make sure to carry a water bottle that is large enough and will keep you hydrated throughout the day. If your college is located in an especially warm place or you have to walk quite a bit to the campus, a water bottle will be even more essential.

In order to save the environment and do some good, you should ideally buy a metal flask or a bottle that does not contain harmful plastic. This is healthy for both the environment as well as you. A reusable water bottle can be found anywhere, so buy one that suits you best.

  1. Scientific calculator

Another obvious thing that most students forget to carry is a scientific calculator. If your course includes a lot of technical calculations, you need to carry this item with you to do your sums faster. In case a scientific calculator is not allowed, you can carry a regular calculator too.

Casio calculators are famous all over the world and they come in many models. So keep one and put it inside your bag so that you never forget to carry it to class.

  1. Charger

You’ll definitely carry your cellphone to class but what happened when it runs out of charge? This is why carrying a portable charger (or a regular charger) is a must. While regular chargers need some sort of an electrical port to be connected to, power banks save you from that hassle.

If you’re carrying a power bank, make sure it is charged and functioning properly. In case of any emergency, if your phone battery runs out and you need to make a call, a power bank can be a lifesaver.

Over to you…

These six items are a must in your backpack for when you attend classes. Keep all of them safely in your bag and then secure the bag itself with a password-protected lock.

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