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6 Types Of Ring Metals You Can Select From

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While it’s important to choose the right kind of stone for your ring, it’s equally important to choose a ring metal that will last long. No matter what your budget is, there’s a perfect ring waiting for you out there!

Selecting just the perfect engagement or wedding ring can be really tough. After all, this ring is for life. Did you know that nearly 1.8 million engagement rings are sold every year in the US? For brides, especially, the choice can be unnerving.

Here are six types of ring metals you can select from for the big day!


Gold is undoubtedly the most common choice of metal for wedding and engagement rings. It comes in three popular shades- classic yellow, white gold, and rose gold.

While gold is the symbol of a luxury ring, there are a few things you should be careful about when choosing a gold band. A higher carat of gold doesn’t necessarily mean that the ring will last longer or be sturdier.

In fact, 24-carat gold is so soft and malleable that it can get easily scratched or bent. If you wish to choose a sturdy gold ring, make sure you buy one that is below 24 carats.


This is thought to be one of the rarest metals in the world, which is why platinum rings are extremely expensive and luxurious.

They are also the strongest kind of metal rings out there among all the precious metals. Platinum can be a great option for your engagement or wedding ring because the stone set in it will not fall off easily.

This is why prongs are often made of platinum in rings that consist of less-durable metals like gold. Platinum can also bear a lot of scratches and wear and tear. The metal also retains its color for a lifetime, which makes platinum a popular choice.


If you want a metal that looks quite similar to platinum but costs less, palladium is the ideal choice for you. Like platinum, palladium also has a white hue and a shiny finish. Unfortunately, it’s not as durable as platinum.

But even if you have a pretty active lifestyle, you can purchase a palladium ring because it’s quite sturdy. Not just that, this metal is also comfortable to wear and lightweight, which can be a big plus for many people.

For hypoallergenic people, palladium is often the most perfect choice. The only disadvantage is that, after a while, the ring might get out of shape which can be tough to resize.

Sterling silver

Silver was once considered to be even more precious than gold! It is one of the longest-standing precious metals used to make rings.

Nowadays, silver has become a popular choice because it looks great and is affordable. Just like gold, pure silver is very soft and malleable, which is why you won’t see pure silver rings in markets.

Instead, the silver is mixed with a bit of copper or other metals to make sterling silver. If you want a luxury ring at low prices, sterling silver is the way to go. However, even though sterling silver is tougher than pure silver, it is still soft and gets scratched easily.


Titanium is now becoming increasingly popular for men’s rings. This metal was once used for industrial applications but now is making its mark in the jewelry market too. Not only is titanium extremely durable but it is also lightweight.

If you don’t like wearing jewelry regularly, you can go for titanium rings. In addition to its stylish look and finish, it is also a scratch-resistant metal that is easy to maintain. The only downside is that titanium cannot be resized easily, so make sure you have the correct measurements.


Tungsten is the most durable metal and is four times stronger than titanium. It costs pretty less and is absolutely scratch-resistant. However, tungsten rings also cannot be resized. Moreover, even though it is hard, it can be brittle and get fractured if dropped. The upside is that tungsten rings are very easy to maintain and require almost little to no extra care.

Over to you…

No matter which metal you choose for your ring, make sure the size is proper and the ring itself is durable with the stones studded in. Invest in jewelry-polishing kits to maintain the longevity of your ring.

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