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6streams Reviews: Is it a legal website?

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With a busy work schedule and life, most people often dont get the chance to watch the live airing of their favourite shows or miss live telecasts of their favourite sports matches and TV shows. This sometimes becomes a problem for some as they want to catch up with the piling of leftover episodes in their free time.

However, this problem is solved by numerous websites and streaming services that offer you to watch your favourite TV show or sports matches any time you want. These services also allow users to view video content later by downloading or streaming online. 

In this article, we are going to discuss a similar website, 6Streams, which is popular among sports fans. This website allows them to watch their favourite matches on a flexible schedule and never miss a match of their favorite team at play. Let’s get the details about this website and learn what happened to 6streams.

What is 6Streams? 

What is 6Streams? 

Source: 6Stream.TV

6Streams is an online streaming website that broadcasts live NBA matches, NFL matches, NHL matches, MMA matches and UFC matches. This website mostly deals with the live streams of basketball and boxing matches. However, other sports are occasionally live streamed on the website as well. 

Besides watching online streams of NBA and NFL matches on this website, viewers can also watch these matches at a later time, according to ease in their schedule. Using this website, the viewers are content as they don’t have to miss their favourite game matches or miss their favourite team play. 

It is very convenient to re-watch the matches on 6Streams. A wide range of online streams is available on this website, which never lets the viewers get bored. This website is the ultimate entertainment website for the sports fans, especially fans of basketball and boxing. 

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Prominent Features of 6Streams 

There are many websites that offer live streaming of basketball and boxing matches. But what makes 6Streams differ from all those websites? Let’s find out the details here: 

  • The website is free to use for all the viewers 
  • 6Streams allows live streaming of sports matches 
  • Besides live streaming, viewers can re-watch the matches as well 
  • All the streams are downloadable as well for later viewing 
  • The content of the website is easily accessible and convenient to use 
  • Using this website, viewers do not have to miss their favourite matches as they can re-watch any recordings of the match on this website 
  • The interface of the website is user-friendly and easy to use
  • Viewers can easily navigate through the website and find content that they want to watch

Convenience in Using 6Streams 

6Streams is very convenient to use as the website can be accessed from anywhere. The website and its services are completely free to use. This website can be used and accessed from multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, computers and smart TV. 

People usually prefer using 6streams on their smart TV and enjoy watching their favourite games with their friends. You can also use a Smart TV to live stream the content from 6streams. Smart TVs are available in the most households today and it is very easy to manage your entertainment preferences with just a few clicks on the screen. 

What Are The Pros And Cons of 6Streams?

Every facility or service available online has its benefits and drawbacks. 6Streams, too, has some pros and cons. Let’s read the details below and learn about the pros and cons of 6streams to further know about this website: 


  • The website is free to use
  • All the contents on the website are conveniently available
  • The SSL certificate is valid 
  • The user’s data is safe with this website and is not shared with other third-party websites 
  • Scam Adviser’s trust score is 75 out of 100 which is a good score 
  • High-quality video content is available on this website 
  • The website deals in multiple streams of different games like NFL, NHL, NBA and many others 
  • The website receives a lot of traffic 
  • There are many positive reviews about this website on the internet 
  • The website can be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • Viewers do not require any type of subscription plan or pay monthly fees 


  • The website is fairly new 
  • There are not many trust scores on this website 
  • The owner of the website uses different options to hide their identity 
  • Many alternatives are available on the internet 
  • The website is not suitable for use by children 
  • The website is connected with several third-party websites
  • Users are redirected to third-party websites very often

What is Legal and Illegal Streaming?

To determine whether 6streams is legal or not, it is essential to understand the legal framework surrounding streaming services.

  • Legitimate Streaming Services

There are numerous legitimate streaming services available, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and others. These services obtain proper licensing agreements with content creators and copyright holders. 

Subscribers and users pay a monthly fee to access the content available on these platforms and in return, they can enjoy high-quality streaming with the assurance that they are not infringing on copyright laws.

  • Illegitimate Streaming

On the other hand, websites like 6streams often operate in a gray area of legality. They typically do not have the proper licensing agreements in place to distribute copyrighted content.

Users can access content for free or at a significantly reduced cost, making it an attractive option for those looking to cut costs. However, this practice and getting involved with such streaming websites can raise serious legal concerns.

Is 6Streams a Legal Website? 

It is very hard to determine if a website is legal or not. But according to the contents in which 6stream deals, it is better to say that the website is mostly involved in illegally obtained content. As live streaming of matches is mostly hosted by Sports channels, such websites that are offering free live streaming of matches are mostly illegal. 

Such websites are dealing with illegally acquired content to broadcast on their website. Similar is the case with 6Streams. It is advised to users to stay away from such websites that are involved in any way with illegal content. But still, if you choose to use such websites, then it must be in your knowledge that by using such websites, you are also going against the law and promoting piracy. 

What Are The Risks of Using 6Streams?

It is a better option to stick to the paid streaming services to obtain content to watch. If, however, for some reason you are using illegal websites, it is important to know the risks involved.

Using websites like 6streams to access copyrighted content without proper authorization carries several legal risks. Some of them are stated below:

  • Copyright Infringement

When you stream copyrighted content without permission from the copyright holder, you are engaging in copyright infringement. Copyright infringement is illegal and can lead to legal consequences, including fines and even imprisonment.

  • Lack of Consumer Protection

Legitimate streaming services often have customer support, refund policies and quality assurances in place. Illegitimate streaming websites like 6streams offer no such protections. Users may encounter poor streaming quality, interruptions, and a lack of recourse if they face issues.

  • Malware and Security Risks

Illegitimate streaming websites are also notorious for hosting malware and posing security risks. Users may unknowingly download harmful software or expose their personal information to cybercriminals and data collectors when using such sites.

What Happened To 6Streams? Is It Down?

If you are a regular user of 6streams and have recently experienced some interruptions in the streaming service, then read along to find the cause and the solution to find an alternative. Let’s find out what happened to 6Streams.

6Streams is a formerly free internet streaming service. However, the website has been taken down and redirected to its affiliated website, markkystreams.com. This decision to decommission 6Streams was primarily prompted by a significant number of DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown requests that were filed against the URLs hosting content on the platform. 

One of the key factors contributing to this decision was the high volume of DMCA takedown requests that targeted recently uploaded content links on 6Streams.TV. These requests were issued by copyright holders to protect their intellectual property rights, indicating that the platform was hosting copyrighted material without the proper authorization and consent of the content creators.

Another noteworthy development is the concern raised by the NHL Streams community on Reddit. This particular section of the website had received several warnings from Reddit moderators regarding potential copyright violations. These warnings served as an indication that the NHL Streams section of 6Streams was at risk of being removed or shut down due to its involvement in distributing copyrighted NHL content without proper licensing.

In response to these legal and community-driven concerns, the operators of 6Streams opted to discontinue the service and redirect its users to markkystreams.com. This redirection may be seen as an attempt to address copyright infringement issues and mitigate legal risks associated with hosting unauthorized copyrighted content.

What Happened To 6Streams After Going Down?

Even after going down and discontinuing their streaming service, 6Streams is still quick in the game. It is worth noting that the redirection to markkystreams.com suggests that the operators may be continuing to provide similar streaming services on a different platform. 

However, it is essential to be aware of the legal implications of using such services, as they may still involve copyright infringement risks and potentially violate intellectual property laws.

What Are Some Legal Alternatives of 6Streams?

6Streams has been serving its viewers for several years, but unfortunately, the website has gone down and has discontinued its streaming service. However, there is another website by the same company named markkystreams.com, offering almost same services as 6Streams.

However, now that you are aware of the legitimacy of 6streams and do not want to get involved in websites obtaining content from illegal sources, there are several websites that can help you.

There are several alternative platforms and streaming giants like 6Streams that offer similar quality features and services, but with legally obtained and copyrights contents. These websites generally charge the user a monthly fee. In return, you can stream on the platform freely and enjoy as much content as you like.

Some of the legal alternatives of 6Streams are:

  • ESPN Player
  • NHL66
  • ESPN College Football
  • beINSports Max 1
  • CBS Sports
  • Bally Sports
  • VIPStand
  • 720PStream
  • TotalSportek
  • StreamEast
  • SportsBay
  • Rojadirecta
  • CricFree
  • Jokerlivestream
  • Sportsurge
  • BatManStream
  • Laola1
  • Sky Sports
  • ScoresInLive
  • StopStream
  • goATDee
  • CricHD
  • Star Sports
  • BossCast
  • MyP2P
  • StrikeOut
  • VIP Box
  • MamaHD
  • LiveTV
  • VipLeague
  • SportLemon
  • SonyLIV
  • Atdhe
  • StreamWoop
  • Stream2Watch
  • Feed2all
  • SportRAR
  • USAGoals

Picking any one of these streaming services, you can enjoy unlimited content related to sports and games. However, you just have to pay a small monthly fee and buy a subscription to the streaming service.


6Streams is a website that allows its users to watch live or recorded game matches of basketball and boxing, among other popular sports. This website also offers to download the recording of different matches for later viewing. 

Even if the website is very popular and there are many perks of using this website, such websites like 6Stream are often involved in the illegal gaining of content. Even 6Streams was also involved in the illegal distribution of copyrighted content. 

These types of websites should be avoided at all costs and it is better to find a reliable legal alternative to watching sports matches. It may cost you to buy the subscription to the legal alternative, but in the long run, your actions will not be against any law.

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