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6streams Reviews: Is it a legal website?

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With the busy work life and schedule people often miss live telecast of their favourite sports match and Tv shows. This problem is solved by numerous websites that offer you to watch your favourite Tv show or sports matches any time you want and also allows later viewing of video content. 

In this article, we are going to discuss a similar website, 6Streams, which is popular among sports fans as this website allows them to watch their favourite matches at a flexible time schedule. 

What is 6Streams? 

What is 6Streams? 

Source: 6Stream.TV

6Stream is an online streaming website that broadcast live NBA matches, NFL matches, NHL matches, MMA matches and UFC matches. This website mostly deals with the live streams of basketball and boxing matches among other sports occasionally lice streamed. 

Besides watching online streams of NBA and NFL matches on this website, viewers can also watch these matches at a later time according to their schedule. Using this website, the viewers are content as they don’t have to miss their favourite game matches or miss their favourite team play. 

It is very convenient to re-watch the matches on 6Streams. A wide range of online streams is available on this website which never lets the viewers get bored. This website is the ultimate entertainment website for the sports fan, especially fans of basketball and boxing.

Features of 6Streams 

There are many websites that offer live streaming of basketball and boxing matches. But what makes 6Streams differ from all those websites? Let’s find out here: 

  • The website is free to use for all the viewers 
  • 6Streams allows live streaming of sports matches 
  • Besides live streaming viewers can re-watch the matches as well 
  • All the streams are downloadable as well for later viewing 
  • The content of the website is easily accessible and convenient to use 
  • Using this website, viewers do not have to miss their favourite matches as they can re-watch any recordings of the match on this website 

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Convenience in Using 6Streams 

6Streams is very convenient to use as the website can be accessed from anywhere. The website and its services are free to use. This website can be used and accessed on multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, computers and smart TV. 

People usually prefer using 6streams on their smart TV and enjoy watching their favourite games on their TVs. Smart TVs are available in the most household today and is very easy to manage your entertainment preferences. 

6Streams Pros and Cons 

Let’s read along these pros and cons about 6streams to further know about this website: 


  • The SSL certificate is valid 
  • The user’s data is safe with this website and is not shared with other third-party websites 
  • Scam Adviser’s trust score is 75 out of 100 which is a good score 
  • High-quality video content is available on this website 
  • The website deals in multiple streams of different games like NFL, NHL, NBA and many others 
  • The website receives a lot of traffic 
  • There are many positive reviews about this website on the internet 
  • The website is free to use 
  • Viewers do not require any type of subscription plan or pay monthly fees 


  • The website is fairly new 
  • There are not many trust scores on this website 
  • The owner of the website uses different options to hide their identity 
  • Many alternatives are available on the internet 
  • The website is not suitable for use by children 

Is 6Streams a Legal Website? 

It is very hard to determine if a website is legal or not. But according to the contents in which 6stream deals, it is better to say that the website is mostly involved in illegally obtained content. As live streaming of matches is mostly hosted by Sports channels, such websites that are offering free live streaming of matches are mostly illegal. 

Such websites are dealing with illegally acquired content to broadcast on their website. Similar is the case with 6Streams. It is advised to users to stay away from such websites that are involved in any way with illegal content.

But still, if you choose to use such websites, then it must be in your knowledge that by using such websites you are also breaking the law and promoting piracy. 


6Streams is a website that allows its users to watch live or recorded game matches of basketball and boxing among other popular sports. This website also offers to download the recording of different matches for later viewing. 

Even if the website is very popular and there are many perks of using this website, such websites like 6Stream are often involved in the illegal gaining of content. These types of websites should be avoided at all costs and it is better to find a legal alternative to watching sports matches. 

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