7 Hacks To Optimize Your Team’s Workflow

Team’s Workflow

One big mistake most business teams do is to start working on a particular project without going through the project management workflow. 

You need to establish a proper workflow for your team to avoid any kind of miscommunication or chaos when you start doing the project together. If you don’t work together well, the entire project will fall apart. 

Did you know that employees can lose up to 40% of their productivity when they constantly switch tasks (source:)? If you want to optimize your team’s workflow, here are some hacks.

Analyze your existing team practices

First of all, you need to conduct proper interviews regarding the company’s mission and the rewards offered to employees. Check how the workflow is being managed at present and make necessary changes if any.

See how the employees do tasks like customer management and the tools used for each work (and if these tools are approved by the company or not).

Analyze the existing leadership skills

A good leader always observes and analyzes the current scenario in workflow management. You need to observe and make analyses of how the current managers are performing. One-on-one sessions with different managers can also give you insights on how to manage your own workflow.

You can easily make out the short-term and long-term goals and successes if you discuss them with the existing managers.

See how current management tools are used

One of the most important things is to make sure that the tools used by the employees are fast, reliable, and smooth. For example, runn.io is a project management tool that syncs the project teammates and the work assigned to each member.

You can easily navigate planning, tracking, and real-time forecasting with Runn. If you wish to see how this software works, book a free demo and explore the world of lightning-fast project management!

Review the entries made

This will help to establish both adoption and resistance levels and make sure the employees are using the tools fairly. In case there is any disparity, it is up to you to solve the matter since you are the project leader.

Make sure everyone follows the Google calendar and is up-to-date with all the deadlines. Check the Gmail accounts and see if the entries made there or the emails sent are accurate or not.

Structure a workflow

This needs to be done in a step-by-step manner. A proper workflow structure can not only help you to navigate through the daily tasks but also make the long-term goals feasible.

You should focus on how the leader communicates with the teammates, how often the communication happens, how the tasks are assigned to each member, and how deadlines are met.

As the leader, you can either choose to make the chart in the form of a flow diagram or a graph- this depends on your comfort. However, remember to document whatever chart you are making.

Automate the process

Try to use tools to automate as many processes as possible. Big projects can be very time-consuming and hectic. In order to truly optimize the workflow, use a combination of tools to track your progress and assign tasks to AI.

Runn can easily automate your work with features like resource scheduling, project planning, project forecasting, managing capacity, and API.

The more technology-friendly you are, the faster your work will become. As we progress further and further, technology is also becoming increasingly advanced. So it’s important to keep up with these developments.

Commit to the work

Committing to your project is the biggest task that you need to do as the team leader. Unless you are dedicated to your team, they won’t respect your choices or methods of working. So always remember to give in your best and work hard.

As the leader or manager, it is your duty to lead the others and make an example out of yourself. You can only inspire others if you yourself truly want the project to be a success.

Over to you…

These are some great hacks you can try out to optimize your team’s workflow and make sure your project emerges as a success. Remember to revise both workflow and the tools used but don’t do them at the same time.

If you work together in harmony, you’ll be able to prevent existing backlogs and put in your best efforts. Optimization of your workflow keeps evolving, so make sure you’re always updated.

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