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7 Steps to Painting a Wall From Expert NoBroker Wall Painter in Pune

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Painting an interior or exterior wall is not an easy task, especially if you have little knowledge about the process. I’m sure everyone wants the most awesome walls for their rooms, and the quickest approach to freshen up your home’s interior is to paint the walls. It might go wrong if you follow the instructions without a plan. As one of the most trusted and top rated Wall Painter in Pune, I thought it would be a great day to provide a stepwise guide to perfect wall painting. 

Choose Your Strategy And Select A Colour

Consider the final appearance of your home when you begin the painting project. An accent wall is preferable to painting the entire room’s four walls in one colour. The ceiling might also be painted a different colour. Choose whether warm, cool, neutral, or vibrant colours are what you wish to use. When choosing the colours for your walls, don’t forget to consider the furniture and décor already in your home. \

Once you’ve decided, select a couple of wall paints and request samples. The samples should be painted on the walls, and you should examine them throughout the day to see how they look in various lighting conditions. Being an experienced wall painter in Pune, I can assure you this is a crucial step! 

Select Your Products & Equipment

You will need to choose your paint supplies based on the state of your walls. Paint, paint rollers, paint brushes, paint roller extension poles, sandpaper, painter’s tape, paint tray, and putty knives are a few essentials for your painting kit. Before you begin your painting project, choose efficient waterproofing solutions if the walls of your home have leaks, cracks, or dampness.

Calculate How Much Paint You Need

Calculate how much paint you’ll need to avoid making multiple trips back to the shop and wasting paint. Try using the helpful paint calculator readily available online if you have trouble estimating how much paint you’ll need for your home painting project. You don’t want to harm that treasure or your favourite couch, do you? Before painting the walls, move everything to the middle of the room if there isn’t enough room in the space. As someone who has been a wall painter in Pune for many years, I can assure you that this must be done before it is too late!

Blend Your Paint

Use a wooden paint stick to stir the paint while it is mixed. Throughout the project, frequently stir the paint can. To avoid tiny colour variations when using more than one gallon of paint, combine them in a big bucket. Use a fresh bucket to save yourself the hassle. Save the paint cans so you can save any leftover colour for touch-ups in the future.

Select A Painting Method

Before you begin painting your walls project, make sure you have a plan in place. It is wise to start with the ceilings. Move downward from the ceiling while you work. Consider a striking accent colour. Choose your paint colour and start painting the neighbouring light-coloured wall first. Even if you accidentally paint the room’s accent wall, you won’t need to be concerned because you can cover it up with the dark paint you plan to use on that wall. After the lighter wall has dried, tape off the margins to prevent bleeding of the accent wall’s dark colour into the freshly painted surfaces.

Ventilation Is Crucial

Keep the windows open and put on the fans to ensure the room is well-ventilated throughout the painting process. Keeping the fan running while you paint will hasten the drying process. Be mentally ready to wait for the paint to dry if it’s a cloudy or wet day because it will take longer than usual for ventilation to do its magic.

Allow Some Time

Last but not least, several variables will affect how long your colouring project will take. It matters how big your room is, how you paint, and how skilled you are. For instance, painting the ceiling and trim using a dark hue on the walls will take significantly longer than simply painting the walls a neutral colour. In actuality, some places might only take a few hours, while others might require several days. Consider the time needed for preparation and clean-up as well.


I positively assume that now you have a solid idea of the 7 steps to make the experience of painting your house go as smoothly as possible. Remember, if you are facing any issues or simply need expert wall painters in Pune to take care of your home painting needs, you can always visit NoBroker.in and book a free consultation!

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