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7 Ways to Pamper Your Cat

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Cats are cute, amiable, and lovely animals! They never fail to make us swoon over their cuteness. A not-so-friendly animal who meows its way into our hearts!

Cats are everyone’s favorite, from kids to celebrities, from a common household to Hollywood; cats have a huge fanbase.

However, cats are not always friendly. They may have a permanent frown etched on their face and always look ready to fight. But when you listen to their demands, they act the sweetest. They are like kids, sulky when ignored and happy when given attention.

These fierce felines love it when you care for them and spoil them with goodies. Hence, it is important to love and pamper your cat.

Signs that show that your cat needs attention

  • Silence. If it is inactive and unresponsive.
  • Bothering. If your cat is always disturbing and bothering you.
  • Knocking things over. If your cat is displaying unusual behavior of causing destruction.
  • Pawing. Seeking attention through physical touch.
  • Scratching. Your cat scratches you when you go near it.

These behaviors can be due to various reasons like some disorder, change in environment, anxiety, stress, etc. These signs can often be misinterpreted as the cat’s normal behaviors, but with observation, you can notice the difference. It is important to be able to notice such a difference to ensure the good health of your cat. However, the best you can do in such situations is to make your cat feel secure and give them attention. 

Do you have a pet cat? If you do, then you should know ways to pamper your cat; here is a guide for the same.

Here are 7 Ways to Pamper Your Cat

  • Active with activities

Cats are naturally curious; thanks to them, we have a phrase curiosity killed the cat! Now, to keep your cat active and happy, the trick is to keep their interest. Get your cat a toy that can keep it engaged. A ball or a toy mouse with which you and your cat can play a throw and fetch game. This will ensure that your cat does not get bored and remains happy, cheerful, and active.

  • Food

Be it kids or cats, spoiling them with delicious goodies is the ultimate secret to their happiness. Get your cat a delicious piece of meat to eat. A bowl of milk would do wonders to their sulky mood. Consult a vet before giving meals to your cat. However, the best food option is cat food. Buy some delicious cat food goodies for your cat from stores like https://www.petstock.com.au/cat and make them the happiest animal on the planet!

  • Grooming

Grooming your cat by brushing its hair coat is the best pampering. You will accomplish both cleaning and caring while doing this. Also, pet and pamper your cat under its chin and behind its ear; it will respond by purring. Yes, the not-so-friendly creature loves petting! Your cat will surely love it.

  • Catio

Cats love to personalize a place. So, you can spoil your cat by buying her a small, cute house of her own. A catio is a small patio-like cat house. You can keep cat-friendly props or your cat’s favorite toys in it. Let your cat enjoy a space of her own.

  • Catwalk

Quite literally. Take your cat for a good walk in the fresh air. Let them breathe the fresh air and refresh their mood. This will do wonders to both you and your cat’s mood. Also, your cat will heartily welcome the new change in its surroundings and enjoy it happily.

  • Catnip

Catnip is a mint family flowering herb that is relaxing for cats. The herb targets happy receptors of the feline brain, and the cat mellows out. Give a catnip to your cat and let the feline calm down.

  • Let the feline observe

Cats are at their best behavior when they are all calm and cool. You can let your cat indulge in its activities like observing things. It’s a trait that most cats display. If they are interested in something like birds outside or a lizard in the house, they will keep observing it. What’s more, they can even lunge and try to catch it! Let your cat do such silly things but be attentive to them to ensure their safety.

All these tips and some attention from your side will help your cat be happy, healthy, and cheerful!

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