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A Guide to Buying and Maintaining Boots

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The weather in Australia can be volatile; sunny on some days while cold or rainy on others. This versatility means better fashion, and there’s no better way to make a fashion statement than wearing a fancy pair of UGG Australia boots. 

So, the first step is finding the perfect pair of boots to meet your needs and your style. However, the next is more daunting: maintenance. Hence, read on to understand how to pick the best boots and what you need to know about boot care and maintenance. 

The Perfect Pair

Boots are the most versatile fashion item, perfect for both sunny and freezing days. They add a touch of sass to any look and style, and many consider them fashion essentials. 

Wellington Boots

These big boots look cute with a pair of leggings. They give off a warm and fuzzy vibe, making them the best boot pair to own. Also, they are versatile and pair well with dresses, and this style defines Australian fashion and comfort. 

Tall Boots

A pair of tall boots are perfect for skirts and pants. They have a slimming effect and typically have heels. 

Wedge Boots

Boots with wedges are perfect for those who prioritise comfort. These boots marry comfort and fashion and work well with most outfits. 

Calf-High Boots

These boots fit the standard image of UGG Australia boots. They’re comfortable, fashionable, and fit for every occasion. Besides, their versatility makes them the perfect fashion investment. 

What to Look for While Purchasing Boots?

Verified Sources

The sheer range of boots in the market can leave one feeling confused. In addition to looking for comfort and fashion, one also worries about durability.

Verified sellers can guide consumers to make the right choice from the vast number of options, and one needn’t worry about durability and quality. 


Consider buying a pair for the sunny days and another boot pair for the freezing ones. Australian weather sees both ends of the spectrum, and buying all-season boots will not offer as much comfort.

Meanwhile, summer boots come with special moisture-wicking linings that keep you comfortable but not sweaty. On the other hand, winter boots keep you warm, dry, and comfy throughout the day. 


Many forget about socks while looking for boots to purchase. Socks can change the fit of the boot pair, so always remember to carry a pair of socks while trying on different boots. 


In a fashion-centric world, it is crucial to keep your style in mind while picking out the perfect pair of boots. So, look at boot-centric outfits or styles that incorporate boots well before finding your look. 

Maintenance Guide

Snow Spills and Stains

If your boots are not waterproof, investing in a protective spray is a wise idea. With them, one can easily wipe away any accidental spills before it bleeds into the fabric. 

Besides, while out on snowy or salty streets, stains are inevitable. So, use a simple salt stain remover immediately and air-dry overnight. 

Boot Trees

Use boot trees for tall boots to maintain their shape. A boot shaper prevents any creases that make your pair of boots look worn out. 

Suede Care

While leather boots can manage run-ins with the rain and snow, suede ones cannot afford this. So, invest in a simple suede brush and suede eraser to manage accidental encounters with moisture. The suede eraser addresses any shiny spots left by worn-out suede, leaving your boot pair looking as good as new. 

Regular Wiping

Wipe down your boots with a dry microfiber cloth after every use. And doing this removes any accumulated dirt and dust. 

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