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Aditech Free Fire Id: Read To Know Its Stats, Subscribers, & More!

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After participating in 3573 team games and achieving victory in 1350 of those contests, Aditech has a winning rate of 37.78 percent. Overall, there have been 7213 kills documented, which results in a K/D ratio of 3.24.

After playing 2102 games of two against two, the person responsible for developing the content obtained a winning rate of 9.46 percent. As a direct consequence, a total of 4095 pieces with a K/D ratio of 2.15 were gathered.

Ranked statistics 

During the first 30 games of the current ranking season, Aditech ID has faced off against rival teams in 30 competitive matches. Only seven of the thirty games were won by Aditech ID, giving the corporation a winning record of 23.33 percent overall throughout its competition. As a result of the fact that the government in question is directly responsible for the deaths of 96 people, the K/D ratio for that government is 4.17.

 This indicates that the government is accountable for 96 deaths. These fatalities are a direct consequence of the measures implemented by the government. Additionally, YouTubers have participated in nine ranking pair matches throughout their career. YouTuber has experience in all these games, during which time he has amassed all of these pieces, giving him a K/D ratio of 3.44.

Aditech YT channel 

The video was uploaded to Aditech’s YouTube channel for promotion in July of this year, making it the company’s most recent upload; you can see it there. There are now 189 videos uploaded on its channel, and those videos have earned 89.6 million views over time.

On the platform for sharing videos known as YouTube, the channel has more than 1.58 million subscribers, as mentioned before. You merely need to click on this link to access his channel.

More about it 

Aditech Free Fire Id participated in 2102 pair games and won 199 of them. His overall winning percentage was 199. (9.46 percent of the time). He has racked up a total score of 4095 in this mode, and his kill-to-death ratio is 2.15.

He has won 195 out of the 1927 games in which he participated, giving him a winning rate of 10.11 percent. He has won all of these games by himself. Throughout all of these games, there have been a total of 3,517 kills, which results in a kill-to-death ratio of 2.03.

The current rated season features 30 team games that have been played, and Aditech has a winning percentage of 23.33 percent based on these games. In this game style, his kill-to-death ratio is 4.17, and he has 96 kills under his belt.

The YouTuber has now participated in a total of nine rated pair confrontations, with a K/D ratio of 3.44. His participation in two additional duo matches has increased his number of duo matches to nine.

Aditech freefire ID

Free Fire, a battle royale action-adventure game offered by Garena, was developed by 111 Dots Studio. This game was first made available to players on September 30th, 2017. Be aware that Garena Free Fire offers a multiplayer option so that you may join in on the fun. Free Fire has become one of the most popular mobile video games. In only three short years, the battle royale game has gained a tremendous fanbase across the globe. In discussing the abundance of digital content associated with the game, we mean the many places on the internet where it may be found. Several pieces of information about Aditech are needed, like Aditech UID and Aditech Free Fire Id. These include the Aditech UID number, name, statistics, and social media accounts.

Aditech freefire name 

One other well-known content supplier for the Free Fire platform can be located in India, and Aditech Free Fire Id name is Aditech (Atharv Rao). He devotes most of his focus to the fast-paced online top battle royale game and has garnered 2.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. On this page, you will find information regarding his Free Fire ID, his statistics, and any other information that may be pertinent. Atharv Rao is now acting as the Chief Executive Officer of Aditech.


Aditech Free Fire Id team has a lifetime winning rate of 37.78 percent after 3573 games and 1350 victories. The K/D ratio was an impressive 3.24, and the overall amount of frags was fantastic (7213).

Their record so far is 199 wins in 2102 pair games. After murdering 4095 individuals, his kill-to-death ratio is 2.15.

As of this writing, Aditech Free Fire Id has won 195 of a total of 1927 single-game matches. He has a K/D ratio of 2.03 and 3517 frags in these matches.

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