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Afilmywap 2022: A Free Movie Download Website!

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There was a time in the 90s’ that people got in long queues to get a ticket for their favorite superstar’s movie. You would have heard stories like these from your parents & grandparents.

Well, those times are long gone because even the movie cinemas have been closed due to the advent of Covid-19. Apart from that, many streaming platforms & websites have made their name by presenting high-quality movies to their users upon the release of the movie.

One such website is Afilmywap in, which allows you to download your favorite movies & shows from the comfort of your homes.

What is Afilmywap Website About?

It is a movie streaming & downloading website which was launched in 2017 & now has around 1 lac users. According to an estimate of advertisement revenue, the net worth of this website is around $42,997 with 3.21 million visitors annually

What is Afilmywap Website About?

The website allows you to download Bollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood Dubbed, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil & many more for absolutely free without any subscription fees or hidden charges. You can watch new & old releases of the movies in high quality.

Features & Options in Afilmywap

Features & Options in Afilmywap

On this website, you will find movies of all genres and categories. Moreover, you even don’t need to pay for your Netflix & Amazon Prime subscriptions now as Afilmywap in has all your favorite web series & shows available to download freely.

Apart from these, you can also download the song tracks you like from the respective movies. The best part about Afilmywap in is that after the release of the actual movie, it is available almost instantly on the website. You can either download it or just play it directly from the website.

The user interface of this website is pretty simple & easy to use. There is a designated search bar on the website to search for movies & shows. Also if a movie you search for is not available on the website then you can request on the official Afilmywap forum for the movie.

The website is great for people who have trouble understanding many accents of English because it has subtitles. There are subtitles for every movie & web series in Afilmywap.

Lastly, if you have a poor internet connection, then you can choose the quality of the video according to your liking so that it plays without a lag.

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How to Download Movies from Afilmywap

How to Download Movies from Afilmywap

Downloading movies from Afilmywap is a very straightforward process as shown below:

  • Firstly, type in the URL of the site (preferably in a private window) & click enter.
  • Search for any movie that you are in the mood of watching or browse through the categories.
  • The search result will show you the movie which you can download by clicking on the download option just like on Methstreams.
  • When downloading, you will be asked about the quality in which you want to download it

How Does Afilmywap Work?

How Does Afilmywap Work?

Websites like Afilmywap in illegally copy & distribute movies. This is the reason why it is free of charge for the users because they simply download the movie when it gets released & then illegally upload them. These websites earn through advertisements that are displayed when you visit the site.

Government usually bans these websites as it lies under a legal offense to steal the property of creators without their consent. Hence, there are many Afilmywap websites that have already gotten banned.

Is Afilmywap Safe To Use?

Imagine that you make a video from your own resources with a lot of effort with the intent of making money by selling that. Later you find out that your video is already available on the internet free of cost. That is a very heartbreaking experience.

Hence, to protect the rights of the content creators, the government has made strict laws against the piracy of movies. If you are found out recording a movie from a cinema, then you will be responsible for being sent to jail for up to 3 years with a fine of Rs.10 Lac.

Also, there is a valid concern about your safety as well when browsing through such websites. As these websites solely earn through ads, they connect with multiple ad networks. Not all of these networks are trusted.

When you accidentally click on an ad, it will redirect you to another website & in worst cases will automatically download unwanted software on your device. This software can harm your device & data as well by copying your personal data & sending it to the owners.


We at Blog Junta do not recommend Afilmywap as it is a pirated website. We abide by the government laws & care for the safety of our users. This blog is just for your information regarding such websites available on the internet.

Stay safe while browsing!

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