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The Aftermath of a Truck Accident: What to Do and How to File a Lawsuit

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The aftermath of a truck accident can be a traumatic and overwhelming experience for those involved. In addition to dealing with physical injuries and emotional trauma, victims may also be faced with the daunting task of navigating the legal system and seeking compensation for their losses. This is why going through the claims process alone is not advisable. Speak to Gallagher & Kennedy a reputable law firm, to know the importance of hiring a lawyer in a truck accident claim process. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the steps that you should take following a truck accident and provide an overview of the process for filing a lawsuit.

Seek Medical Attention

First and foremost, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even if you feel fine, it’s important to get checked out by a doctor, as some injuries may not be immediately apparent. In addition, having a record of your injuries can be crucial in proving your case and seeking compensation.

Gather Evidence

Next, gather as much information as possible about the accident. This may include taking photos of the scene and the vehicles involved, collecting the names and contact information of any witnesses, and obtaining the truck driver’s information and the trucking company’s information.

File a Police Complaint

It’s also important to report the accident to the authorities and file a police report. The police report can provide valuable information about the cause of the accident and can be used as evidence in your case.

Hire an Experienced Lawyer

Once you have received medical attention and gathered information about the accident, it’s important to contact an experienced attorney who specializes in truck accident cases. An attorney can help you understand your rights and options for seeking compensation and can guide you through the process of filing a lawsuit.

How to File a Lawsuit?

Below-mentioned is a step-by-step process for filing a lawsuit. 

Determine Who Is Liable for the Accident 

To file a lawsuit, the first step is to determine who is liable for the accident. This may involve reviewing the truck’s black box data, interviewing the truck driver and any witnesses, and inspecting the truck and the scene of the accident. Factors that may have contributed to the accident, such as driver fatigue, distracted driving, or mechanical failure, will be taken into consideration.If the truck driver is found to be at fault for the accident, the trucking company may also be held liable. This is because trucking companies are responsible for ensuring that their drivers are properly trained, licensed, and fit to operate a commercial vehicle. The company may also be held liable if it is found that it failed to properly maintain the vehicle or allowed the driver to operate it despite known safety hazards.In some cases, a third party, such as the manufacturer of the truck or its parts, may be held liable if the accident is found to have been caused by a defect in the vehicle.

File a Case in Court 

Once liability has been determined, the next step is to file a complaint with the court. This document, also known as a petition or a lawsuit, sets forth the facts of the case and the injuries and damages that you are seeking to recover.

Serve the Complaint to Defendants

The next step is to serve the complaint on the defendants. This means that a copy of the complaint must be delivered to the defendants, either by personal service or by registered mail. Once the defendants have been served, they will have a certain amount of time to respond to the complaint. This response is known as an answer, and it typically sets forth the defendants’ defenses to the claim.

Discovery Process

After the defendants have answered the complaint, the discovery process begins. During this phase, both sides will gather evidence and take depositions of the parties and any witnesses. This process can take several months, and the court may schedule a series of status conferences or pre-trial hearings to monitor the progress of the case.

If the case cannot be settled, it will proceed to trial. During the trial, both sides will present their evidence and make their arguments to the jury. The jury will then deliberate and reach a verdict. It’s important to note that the process of filing a lawsuit can be complex and time-consuming. But if you have hired an experienced and professional lawyer, then things can get quite better for you. 

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