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An Aspirant’s Guide to Preparing for Artificial Intelligence MCQs for GATE 2022

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Artificial intelligence or AI is a wide-ranging branch of computer science that is concerned with building smart machines that are capable of performing tasks that would typically require human intelligence and IQ. This field is fairly unexplored as of now, but advances in science are making it very interesting. 

In this article, we will look into how you can prepare artificial intelligence MCQ. So if you are a GATE candidate, you must solve multiple-choice questions on various topics like artificial intelligence. GATE MCQs are always important for the 2022 exams since they match the current curriculum and blueprint. 

Tackling Multiple Choice Questions for AI in GATE 2022 

Studying for a multiple-choice exam needs a special method of preparation that is different from an essay exam. The multiple-choice exams often make a student recognise the wrong answer among a set of options that look way too alike and predictable.

This way, even if you know the answer, you may end up picking the wrong one and being very confident with it. Thus, rather than asking the student to have a correct answer completely from his/her mind, they make you choose the right answer. 

Nevertheless, to prepare for your GATE exam and MCQ questions that might occur in the exam, you must consider the next steps: 

  1. Begin studying early. MCQs tend to focus on details. One cannot retain many details in short-term memory effectively. So if you learn a little bit every day and allow yourself plenty of time for recounted reviews, you will ultimately build a much more dependable long-term memory. 
  2. You must make sure that you understand and identify everything thoroughly that your professor emphasised in the classes. 
  3. Pay typical attention to the basic concepts and terms that describe the most crucial features or events, or that tie all the related ideas and observations together. Remember that these items appear most commonly on MCQ-based questions in GATE exams. 
  4. As you study your assigned readings and your class notes, make lists and tables of individual topics. Try understanding multi-step processes, formulate better short-cuts on the type of questions you are dealing with, and focus on objects that form or groupings. Look for differences and similarities that might be used to differentiate correct choices from the distractors (wrong choices that look similar to the right one) on an exam. 
  5. In case your textbook highlights some new vocabulary or the key definitions, be sure that you wholly understand them. Sometimes, even the new words and concepts might appear at the end of a chapter. Be sure to check them out and do not leave any of them out by any mistake. 
  6. You do not have to simply memorise the definitions given in the books. Most instructors will paraphrase things in their own words as they compose exam preparation questions, so you have to be sure that you really know what the definitions mean. 
  7. Brainstorm all the possible artificial intelligence MCQ questions with all the other students who are also going to take the GATE exam. 
  8. Practice mock tests and sample questions. You can also solve the old question papers from the previous years, in case you have access to a study guide or old exams.

These were a few to prepare for multiple-choice questions for artificial intelligence. If you are a GATE aspirant for 2022, you can also check more artificial intelligence MCQ here. Gather all the other resources required for your GATE exams this session. Here are a few more resources you can utilise: 

  • GATE previous years’ question papers to grasp the blueprint and the pattern of current exams. 
  • GATE online and offline study material from credible resources that are updated according to the current pattern and syllabus.
  • GATE official syllabus for the year as notified by the conducting authorities. 
  • GATE sample papers and mock tests to understand how you would perform under pressure. 
  • GATE full form and difference between articles to clarify the basics.

We hope this article was helpful for you. Check all the resources mentioned here, and prepare accordingly for your GATE 2022 exams! You can check some more GATE MCQs here. These are some MCQs for you as a sample. We wish you all the best. Adios!!!

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