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Are you Getting Spam Emails? Here’s Why

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Electronic mail or email is a method using which individuals communicate with each other by sending messages using electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. Emails are powerful utilities that facilitate individuals to communicate seamlessly with others. Besides this, emails also allow users to send different types of data as attachments. Moreover, emails are used extensively by marketing agencies and marketers to promote a brand or company’s offerings. As per reports by Forbes, email marketing is one of the effective methods of gaining online traction and enhancing reach. 

However, even though using emails for different purposes, such as communication and marketing, is very effective, receiving unwanted spam emails can significantly disrupt or spoil the user’s experience. Almost every user, irrespective of their email service provider, receives unwanted spam emails. There are numerous categories of spam emails, most of which are harmful. Whether it is an email stating how an individual has won the lottery, landed a dream job, or won something, all of them are designed to mislead the reader. There are numerous reasons why users receive spam emails. This article will shed light on some effective methods implementing which users can prevent their email inbox from getting flooded with spam emails and list down some of the main reasons why users receive spam emails. Let us dive right into it:

How to Get Rid of Spam Emails:

If you use emails frequently to communicate with others, send files, or for any other purpose, you may have received at least one spam email. If you are wondering how to get rid of spam emails and have a clean and immersive experience while using emails, there are numerous effective methods you can follow. For starters, you can train your email app or platform’s spam filters to detect and automatically delete spam emails as soon as they land in the inbox. Doing so will save you from the hassle of deleting spam emails manually. Moreover, it will minimize the chances of accidentally clicking on malicious files hiding in the attachments section. Besides this, you can also choose to block senders who frequently send you spam emails. All major mail apps, irrespective of which platform they are designed for, offer the “block sender” option using which users can effectively prevent spammers from bombarding their inbox with irrelevant emails. 

Reasons Why You are Receiving Spam Emails:

If your email inbox is getting flooded with spam emails without any prior indication, there could be numerous reasons behind it. Here are some of the most common reasons behind a user’s inbox getting spammed with irrelevant emails. 

Due to Signing Up on a Shady Website or Online Platform

Most online websites and platforms, including major ones like Facebook, Twitter, Forbes, etc., ask users to sign up or register by using an email ID. Since most people use their email IDs regularly, they use them to sign up on the platform. Even though trusted platforms do not bombard the user’s email inbox with spam emails, the same cannot be said about shady or unverified websites. Hence, when users provide their email ID to register on a suspicious website, their email inbox gets spammed. Spam emails mostly contain malicious files that aim to steal users’ data and sensitive information, causing internal issues in their system, etc. Hence, it is advised that users review whether a website is legitimate or not before providing their email ID. 

Due to Information Leaks or Data Breaches

Another reason you may be receiving tons of emails is that your email ID has fallen prey to cyberattacks. For instance, if you have an account on an e-commerce website and it gets attacked by hackers or notorious cybercriminals, they may extract your email ID from there and send malware-loaded emails to your inbox. It may corrupt or delete all the files present on your device. Besides this, it may also steal sensitive information stored on your device’s browser, such as passwords, bank account details, etc. If you accidentally click on the link or attachment, there is no saying how much damage you will face.  

Due to Ineffective Junk and Spam Filters

Even though it is not very common, some spam emails do not mean harm or foul. There are numerous instances when individuals or marketing agencies send harmless spam emails to random email IDs. One of the most effective ways to deal with it is to enable your email app or platform’s junk or spam, which are designed to detect and automatically delete spam emails instantly. However, if you continue receiving spam emails even after enabling your email app’s spam or junk filters, there may be an issue with the spam-blocking functionalities of the application. When this happens, there remain no barriers to prevent spam emails from flooding your email account, and as a result, your email inbox gets cluttered with irrelevant emails. 

If you are tired of receiving spam emails on your account, refer to the practical spam-email-blocking tips mentioned above.

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