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Stylish and cheap bedroom mirror ideas for teens

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Teens of all ages and genders are obsessed with their appearance. Whether they are trying to fit in, stand out, or just blend in, every teen has that personalized look.

As your teen figures out their perfect adornment, they are going to need a way to see their look from every angle. Ideally, that means multiple mirrors in just the right placement.

There are a lot of ways you can add mirrors to your teen’s bedroom. Some of these mirror ideas can be done with what you already have on hand, or with the cheap wall mirrors from the dollar store.

Others might require a new piece of furniture or two, but those might be a good opportunity to let your teen redecorate and refurnish their room for the next stage of their life.

Give them these options to start with and allow their imagination to take control. Give them a budget, but let them choose things that will match their own tastes. It is really their first opportunity to express themselves however they wish.

Kick-off this special experience by choosing one or more of these mirror options.

Dresser mirrors

A dresser with a matched-mounted mirror is a great addition to any comfortable bedroom for a teen or young adult. It combines both the need for clothing storage and the need for a way to groom and check your appearance. Some dresser mirrors can be manipulated more than others, but none of them will give you a full-length view.

Wall and closet mirrors

You can get taller mirrors that give you a full view of yourself in a wide range of qualities and prices. Again, give your teen a budget and let them look for mirrors that they like best.

Typically these mirrors are hung on the backs of doors or on the wall next to a chest of drawers. You can also use a strategically placed cheap bedroom mirror to give your teen a full 360 view whenever they need it.

Floor mirrors

The more elegant bedroom will benefit from a more elegant floor mirror. These stately mirrors rest on a base which allows the mirror to tilt somewhat.

These beautiful mirrors can also be functional, with some models offering hidden jewelry storage within the mirror’s frame. Floor mirrors also have the added benefit of being able to be maneuvered to give you the perfect view from the perfect angle.

Vanity mirrors

Vanities with a mirror are another popular option, particularly for teens of the feminine persuasion. Vanities can fit in with the elegant princess bedroom with a winding lightweight vanity of a gold frame with a glass top and shelf, usually with a pivoting mirror.

Other vanities are more appropriate for a movie star, featuring mirrors lined with lights or sparkly features. And, of course, there is everything in between.

Vanity mirrors are great because they give you a tilting reflection from a more comfortable and natural seated position. They can give you a view of yourself that you might be missing from a standing position. Vanity mirrors are also great for practicing speeches, lines, or debates as your teen progresses through their studies. 

Jazz up a cheap bedroom mirror

Those cheaper walls and closet mirrors can be much more appealing and fit in much better with the rest of the bedroom décor with a little DIY decoration.

Get mirrors with plain frames that you can decorate yourself with paints, stickers, or anything else you desire. It will be a fun project for you to do with their teen as part of the overall process of redecorating their room.

Make all the mirrors work together  

If you do get another mirror or two for the room, design the room so that the mirrors complement each other, giving you a 360 view. Having a combination of fixed, free-standing, and raised mirrors will give your teen the most versatility. They should have no issue getting just the right angle for just the right picture. 

Being able to move the mirrors around to get a view of a specific area can be really helpful as well. This can be really important for preparing for formal events. Having all of those extra mirrors in the room will also make it easier for all of your teen’s friends to join them in getting ready for those formals.

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