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5 Benefits of Waterproofing for Site Construction

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Waterproofing of walls is an essential part of construction these days, but even then, many properties still have unprotected walls. If you own such a property and wonder about the benefits of adding a waterproof layer to your walls, reading this article will greatly help you. 

  • Prevent structural corrosion 

Contrary to popular beliefs, cement alone is not a good waterproofing agent given the fact that it is porous, which, over time, allows moisture to seep into the depths where the steel structures are present. In addition, as you know, any contact with moisture over an extended period triggers the oxidation process, also known as rust. 

By applying a layer of waterproofing membranes, you can easily prevent this. As a result, the structural integrity of your house increases, giving you extra years of comfort before you even need to consider renovating the house. 

  • Keep the mold and mildew from seeping in. 

Walls that have mold on them are highly dangerous as they can cause various diseases. Not just that, but if the mold seeps deep inside the wall, it also threatens to compromise the structural integrity of your wall or ceiling. Therefore hiring professionals like the people at mold remediation Denver is very important in order to address mold problems as soon as possible.

By painting a coat of waterproofing membranes provided by https://www.bayset.com.au/, you prevent the mold from seeping in and causing damage. Given that mold requires damp surfaces to grow, a waterproofed surface would prevent even the formation of mold on your walls. 

  • Reduce the cost of maintenance 

If you are a house owner or have lived long enough on your property, you know the importance of regularly maintaining your walls and ceilings. However, you would also know that it is not a cheap process. 

Before renovating the walls, we all get an inspection done to understand the extent of repair work that would be necessary to extend the life of the walls and the core structure of the house. 

Even the best-maintained walls experience some form of damage over long periods, which is why many inspectors themselves would recommend waterproofing your walls as a less porous surface is more likely to keep out anything that can threaten to damage the steel core or the cement structure of the wall. 

Unless your house gets hit by a storm or flood, waterproofing it would prevent most forms of damage. 

  • Increase the value of your property

Many homeowners who intend to sell their house wonder if they can add features to their house that would enhance the value to give them a better return on their investment

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of going about it is by ensuring that your house’s outer and inner surfaces are adequately waterproofed. Any inspector who notices this would understand that the inner structures of the house are in a better shape. 

Since having a strong core structure reduces the cost of maintenance, realty agents can use it as a selling point to increase the selling price of your house. Therefore, even if you plan on negotiating yourself, it would be very easy for you to convince the potential buyer to understand the benefits of moving into a house that has been well maintained. 

  • Save up on fines and penalties. 

Building regulations are strict, but the rules are even more stringent if you’re a commercial property owner. That is why it becomes crucial to ensure that the surfaces of your interiors are as protected as possible.

Since we know that damage to the structure can be prevented by applying a layer of waterproofing coat, it is wise to have a layer of waterproofing membrane applied to your walls and your ceilings. Then, any stray moisture that could seep in from the roof will no longer be a concern for you. 

Investing in a suitable waterproofing membrane can help you save at least ten times that amount in repair work and fines that you’d have to pay. What’s more, if you’re a business owner and depend on this property to stay open, you can not afford to shut it down, even for a few days. 

If you’ve read through this article, you understand the value of having walls and ceilings properly waterproofed. Not only that, but you are also aware of the risks that you might be running by letting your walls remain unprotected. If you are still not sure about it, you should research more to make a well-informed decision. 

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