Bernice Burgos Age – How Old Is Bernice Burgos?

Bernice Burgos Age

Bernice Burgos, the beautiful model came from a humble background and is now one of the most respected figures in fashion and modeling. Burgos is famous for video vixen. She has appeared in many videos by major artists such as Drake and J. Cole. However, for her, it is more than a lively personality.

About Bernice Burgos:

This article will focus on Bernice Burgos age, career, family, and the drama she must deal with regularly. Bernice Burgos is an amazing Instagram sensation from the United States.

She is known for her beautiful appearance, graceful figure, and amazing styling skills. Her majestic personality has attracted millions of people from all over the world. Burgos’ account has more than 4.8 million followers on Instagram.

Career and Fame:

She is of African American descent and has worked with celebrities. This stunner was featured in popular Rick Rose and J Cole music videos. Her impressive appearance in a well-known fashion show gave this beautiful girl a reputation in the modeling world.

Burgos also appeared on the popular MTV show “Wild N Out.” Bernice Burgos is a skilled entrepreneur and fashion lover. She owns her sleepwear brand “Bold and Beautiful”.

This fashionable girl always stays in the news and gossip. It seems that she likes to keep up with the story.

People talk a lot about her relationship and adventures with big-name celebrities. It is believed that because of her presence in the press, she became a prominent figure.

Who are Bernice Burgos’ parents? 

This amazing girl was born on April 17, 1980, in the Bronx, New York City. She is of Puerto Rican ancestry. She spent her early years in the suburbs of New York City, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

Burgos did not reveal any information about his parents. It seems that she does not like to talk about her details, especially when it comes to family history.

How old is Bernice Burgos?

After her fame, many people ask, “How old is Bernice Burgos?” Bernice was born in the Bronx on April 17, 1980, in New York. Bernice Burgos age is 41 years by 2021 and itsage has no impact on her career.

She had her first daughter when her age was 15 years. Her father left Bernice Burgos and she felt embarrassed at that phase of life but gave birth to her daughter. When Bernice Burgos age was 15, she had to drop out of school due to a sudden pregnancy. The teenager was forced to drop out of school due to premature delivery.

Her first daughter’s name was Ashley, her father was a 19-year-old boy, he was imprisoned when their daughter was born. She revealed the stressful situation when a 15-year-old mother had to take care of her daughter.

Due to an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, she was expelled from her grandmother’s home. Burgos had to face an unfavorable environment and live on cash. She couldn’t continue study after dropping out.

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Bernice Burgos Motherhood:

One weird thing that most followers can hardly believe is her motherhood. Burgos is the mother of Ashley Burgos, who is 18 years old. When the two are together, it is difficult to determine the identity of the mother.

Her fans often wonder and ask, “How old is Bernice Burgos?” Her second daughter was named Amarie Burgos. Bernice Burgos’s age is 40 plus, but Bernice kept her body in good shape, that is why she still looked so young.

The dazzlingly beautiful daughters admire her maternal qualities. As long as she is not engaged in professional work, she will spend a lot of time with them.

Bernice Burgos and social media:

Bernice Burgos has a sporty body. Dark brown hair makes her look charming on any occasion. She is 1.70 meters tall and weighs 54 kilograms. Her name on her Instagram account is Bernice.

The star has more than 120,000 fans on her official Facebook page. The number of followers on the Instagram account exceeds 4.8 million. She has more than 116,000 followers on Twitter.

The girl also appeared on YouTube’s largest video streaming sites. The number of fans on social media is increasing every week. Bernice Burgos age is 41 years, but she still looks so young due to her fitness.

Bernice Burgos Net Worth:

Bernice is a famous social media celebrity who owns a sleepwear brand called “Bold and Beautiful”. He makes considerable income from social media and the clothing business.

According to recent estimates, her annual income is $ 500. The total net worth of the gossip girl is estimated to be approximately $ 1.1 million. Her net worth may increase in the coming years.