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Best Ayurvedic herbs to control diabetes

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Diabetes is one of the diseases that is growing rapidly in every part of the world. Diabetes is a dreadful disease that occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce required insulin. Diabetic patients have to maintain blood sugar levels. It can also result in kidney failure, blindness, strokes and heart related diseases.

Ayurvedic treatments help to stabilise blood sugar levels and trigger production of insulin in the body. We recommend you to check for shilajit reviews and then consume it for your health. 

Ayurvedic Herbs for Diabetes

Some of the ayurvedic herbs that prove to be useful for reducing  the sugar levels include bitter melon, shilajit, cinnamon, fenugreek, Aloe vera etc.

Bitter Melon

Bitter Melon has several properties that help to work like insulin and assist to lower blood glucose levels. It aids the body to preserve nutrients by blocking their transformation into glucose.

Bitter Melon juice is used as a remedy to lower blood sugar levels. It has many anti-diabetic characteristics including polypeptide (insulin like substance). It is also used as a vegetable in many parts of the world and people eat it by deep frying and cooking.


Shilajit is used in the prevention of diseases and helps in balancing the blood glucose level. Shilajit is an herbal medicine that maintains the health of the body and balances insulin and sugar levels inside the body.

Shilajit is used widely to treat diabetes. Pancreatic beta cells that help in the production of insulin are damaged by free radicals inside our bodies. As shilajit is rich with fluvic acid and minerals helps in eliminating these free radicals from the body. This herb can be easily found on shilajit amazon and you can check the quality of it. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a plant that can also be grown in homes and can be grown mostly in warm regions. Researchers investigated that people who took 300mg capsules of aloe vera gel in 12 hours as a single dose for 2 months observed significant health recovery. 

Aloe vera extract aids in reducing insulin resistance and lowers blood glucose level. Aloe vera can be also eaten in raw form and cooked in many forms.


Researchers found that if 10 grams of fenugreek seeds are soaked in warm water overnight and consumed, it can help to control type 2 diabetes. It can be mixed with food and other herbs to cope up blood sugar levels.


Cinnamon is used as spices in many dishes around the world. It has properties that reduce insulin levels and manage blood sugar levels. 

Indian Gooseberry

Studies found that they work as a miracle against diabetes. Eating in raw form can help to lessen blood sugar levels. Indian gooseberries contain chromium. Chromium is what  prepares the body to be more reactive to insulin. It is bitter in taste and contains Vitamin C that helps to control diabetes 2.


Using ayurvedic herbs is a great way to treat diabetes. It’s proven that certain ayurvedic herbs can be very helpful in treating diabetes and other deadly diseases. 

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