Best Careers for Retired Athletes

Careers for Retired Athletes

After years of putting their bodies on the line to entertain and lift others’ spirits, athletes have to hang up their boots, gloves, etc. When this time comes, several of them are left wondering what they can do next.

There are several careers out there that can be pursued. For athletes, they take loads of time from their childhood prepping for the big stage.

And when they get there, it’s all about the glory and various records – it’s usually about being great. When the lights are out and come out quick for them, here are some careers they can go for.


The first idea that retired athletes can go for in most cases is coaching. Some of them start preparing for this role even before they retire, giving them the edge. Then, when they get older and spend most of the time on the bench, they see things differently.

This will make them have a keen eye for detail, and they can then impart that to the team in various coaching roles. And since they’d have some experience with the game, they can give a better pointer to those they coach.

Take rugby for example, oftentimes these athletes will find a gym for sale in Sydney that has a decent membership volume and get into personal training. After word spreads, the gym itself will attract more rugby athletes than ever before.

Sports Science

It isn’t uncommon to find former athletes getting into sports science. First, they know more about an athletes’ body since they have been there. Second, they will easily steer the right things as they can bring suggestions out of the box.

You will need to get some certification for this, though – in a consultative role, the influence will be much limited. There are several roles here, like an athletic trainer, sports management, and so on.

Talk Show Hosts

Who knows better what the coach or the players could have done? It’s someone who has been in the field and seen firsthand what needs to be done. A former athlete can be a sports show host and analyze games for the fans in different ways.

They’ll, of course, need to find a media house that has faith in their abilities. It would be best if they also get some media training too.

Sports Writer

A former athlete can also work as a sports writer and give readers a new insight into the game. Here, they only need to find a great magazine or blog with editors who will give out the platform. You’d need to know how to write, though, before you get the job.

Physical Therapist

A sensitive part of any athlete has got to be their physicals. When a former athlete is a physical therapist, they’ll know when to push and stop. The athlete will be working with someone who understands them better because they have been there.

You will need to get the required training and certification before being considered a physical therapist. With the experience you have and knowing how an athlete’s body works, you have a better chance to thrive.

Careers to Consider if You Are a Retired Athlete

Several careers are open for former athletes once their sporting days are over. The above ones are the ones any athlete needs to look at almost immediately. The former athlete has a better chance of success in the above careers.

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