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5 Best Places to Buy Eyeglasses Online

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Are you looking for best places to buy eyeglasses online? Forgotten are the days when people only relied on their optician stores or brick-and-mortar shops for a pair of glasses. Nowadays, you can order, pay and have your eyeglasses delivered to you from wherever you are, thanks to the modern ecommerce technologies. Online e-tailers offer at-home, free try-on and virtual fittings of eyeglasses. Additionally, you can, depending on your needs and preferences, save a lot of money buying online as compared to buying from your local doctor’s office or optician. But there is a catch! Thousands of both scam and genuine eyeglass stores litter every corner of the internet. There is no telling which ones are legit and if so, which ones offer the best deals. Fortunately, you can now rest easy because we are experts in this area and we are going to give you the 5 best places to buy eyeglasses online.  

Criteria for Selecting the 5 Best Places to Buy Eyeglasses Online

After spending more than 100 hours of research in a span of more than three years, talking to eye care experts, testing multiple frames and lenses, and using our ecommerce expertise, we have come up with a trustworthy list of the best of the best places to buy glasses online. All these stores met the following criteria;

  • Easy return policies. Allow customers to conveniently and easily return or exchange eyeglasses.
  • Glasses for every person. Offer wide variety of frame and lens styles, shapes and materials including glasses types for persons with unique nose bridges. 
  • Cost effective. Offer good prices, discounts and other benefits. 
  • Has try-on virtual technology. Offer technologies that allows customers to virtually try-on their eyeglasses before buying or alternatively, ships the glasses to the customer to try before paying.   
  • Affordable or free shipping services. Offer free or near-free shipping services to majority of destinations.
  • Multiple add-ons. Offer additional features for the eyeglasses such as blue light filtering, light-responsivity, bifocal lens, single vision and more. 

Best Online Stores to Buy Eyeglasses 

Without any further ado, here are the 5 best places to buy eyeglasses online;

  • GlassesShop


GlassesShop tops the list because it has all what it takes to be a professional leader in the online eyeglass stores. First, it offers the widest range of eyeglasses and add-ons. When you start browsing the store, you’ll be amazed at the huge but quite affordable range of eye care products. The store is also easy to navigate and offers an internal product search engine that lets you narrow down your search to just what you want. There is also a huge collection of sunglasses and lenses. Are you uncertain of the size, type or style of frames that you need? GlassesShop offers a Fit & Style Quiz for this. GlassesShop also offers free shipping and 30 days’ return or exchange policy. 

  • EyeBuyDirect

If pricing is your main concern, EyeBuyDirect is your best choice of online shop for eyeglasses. The frames here are quite affordable because they all range between $30 and $50. Even though the price does not include your prescription, the products are as affordable as the best can be. Supposing you are looking for a backup or spare pair of glasses, or you are planning to purchase multiple pairs for different occasions? Yes, EyeBuyDirect should be your choice. In addition to this, EyeBuyDirect offers virtual and fit quiz resources for your try-on needs. It also charges $5 for shipping but delivers free for orders above $99 within 7 to 14 days. Finally, you enjoy 14 days’ return policy. 

  • Liingo Eyewear

Are you looking for free frame try at home for your glasses? Liingo offers this opportunity with a 50 days’ full-refund return policy. This is especially perfect for a choice for you if you are uncertain about your face shape matches. Though the frame styles at Liingo are not as substantial and the glasses a little bit expensive, note that the purchase of any eyeglass frame includes premium polycarbonate, high-quality prescription lenses. Liingo offer virtual or at-home try-on opportunities with free shipping. 

  • Zenni Optical

Zenni offer a wide range of glasses for all. Whether you are looking for yourself, parent, kid or spouse, there are thousands of options to browse. It does not matter whether you want optical, clip-on or sunglasses, Zenni has you well covered. The store is quite easy to navigate online and offers a wide range of eyeglass add-ons too. Additionally, it offers virtual try-on from $5 for shipping within 14 to 21 days. Zenni also offers a return policy of 100% store credit or half refund for 30 days. 

  • Warby Parker 

Warby Parker is your choice of online eyeglasses store if you are looking for the one that constantly updates its inventory. The glasses here are affordable while shipping is free taking only 7 to 10 days. It also offers virtual or at-home try-on and 30 days’ return policy. 


Determining the best places to buy eyeglasses online is usually a difficult task especially to those just starting. However, we have taken the burden off your shoulders by crafting a list of the 5 best online stores to buy glasses. Whether you are looking for thick or small frames glasses, you only need to select the best out of the five listed here. 

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