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Best Video Streaming Apps for Android

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It would not be wrong to say that live streaming video apps are the most popular addition to social media entertainment these days.

In 2021, live streaming has been integrated into our lives just the way it helps the brands and their followers to remain connected with each other in real-time. Probably, this is one of the major reasons why the tech industry is full of big and small-scaled businesses that are investing in Android streaming apps due to their huge customer base and fan following.   

If you also enjoy ‘live streaming broadcasting’, or love to keep up with other people’s streaming trends, then you are at the right place. In this article, we have come up with the best video streaming apps for your Android phone. Let’s take a look! 


Undoubtedly, Netflix is a reliable streaming giant that offers a wide range of TV serials, shows, movies, etc., to its users in all genres. One can easily run Netflix on various tech gadgets like tabs, laptops, smartphones, or smart television.

The biggest benefit is that Netflix is available in almost ‘all’ countries, and can be accessed from any corner of the world if you have a stable internet connection like CenturyLink internet which supports 24/7 speedy downloading, streaming, and surfing. 

Some of its key features include:

  • A free trial for thirty days for all users. In case you do not like the app, you can always discontinue without any charges. 
  • No separate subscriptions are required for different countries.
  • Easy movies and TV shows downloading to watch later. 
  • Parental controls to restrict adult content from their kids’ Netflix account. 

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is surely one of the most popular, widely used streaming apps that need no introduction. It works in collaboration with Amazon Prime services, which has licensed rights from various giant production houses to show the latest movies online. 

Besides movies and TV shows, Amazon Prime Video also features a variety of sports channels. If you are a sports fan, then you can enjoy live sports all day like Premier League, ATP, and the NFL online. 

Amazon Prime Video key features include:

  • Stream and download your favorite movies and television shows in HD quality from any corner of the world, using a high-speed internet connection.  
  • Easily runs without Chromecast support.
  • Once you become a Prime member, Amazon Prime Video offers you a subscription to enjoy up to hundred channels at once.

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HBO Now is an Android TV, on-demand video streaming app, which provides you with prompt access to all its programs. The app features a wide range of classy comedies, TV shows, documentaries, movies, etc., that you can watch anytime, from anywhere in the world. 

The best part about HBO Now is that you get to enjoy the latest premiers as soon as they are released. Some of its top features include:

Key features of the app:

  • A whole library of recent/old movies, and original television shows. 
  • No advertisements during your streaming time. 
  • Extremely high-quality graphics on all devices such as laptops, tabs, smartphones, or even desktops.


This streaming app is quite similar to YouTube in many ways, however, it does not let its users run advertisements on their videos through this platform.

Vimeo offers a high-end service to upload your videos or browse for other content creators’ videos from any corner of the world. Besides this, Vimeo facilitates its users by providing several subscription plans such as general, premium and business, etc.

Some of its key features include:

  • Provides a thirty-day free subscription plan to explore the app.
  • Allows the users to enjoy two types of streaming: multi-streaming and HD live streaming.
  • Provides accurate information about audience engagement. 

Final Word

This is not the only way you can consume online entertainment content. If you want to shift the experience to your laptop or PC, or even use a pen drive to make the same play on your ultra-wide HD television, you need to click here.

Although the Google Play Store is loaded with tons of video streaming apps that allow you to enjoy all types of content, here we have come up with our best picks.

If you wish to know more about Android streaming apps, then don’t forget to search for other options available on the Google Play Store.

You can also conduct detailed research on the internet about the latest streaming apps, and browse through different articles, blogs, or even webpages to get accurate information.

However, no matter whatever app you choose, you will need to ‘download’ it from the Play Store to enjoy 24/7 streaming on your smartphone.

Therefore, make sure you have a high-speed, fast, and reliable internet connection like CenturyLink internet so that your downloading or streaming does not get interrupted in between.

The best part is that CenturyLink internet plans are extremely affordable for all types of users, starting from $50 per month only. Isn’t that amazing?

For more details, you can always call at CenturyLink customer services helpline. Their representative will make sure to provide you with a suitable internet plan as per your specifications, and preferences.

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