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Bhoomika Movie 2021 Wikipedia – Get Complete Info Here!

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The Indian film industry has come a long way and gone are the days when all the released movies focused on romantic themes. Today, a popular genre that we can see many movies following is action and – to our amazement – horror. 

A recently released Tamil-Indian movie in the horror genre is making waves and is widely being watched and appreciated for its great cinematography, storyline and performance of the artists. Get details on the movie including Bhoomika movie wiki and information about the cast and crew that created this masterpiece of a film for us to get entertained. 

Bhoomika Movie Wiki 

bhoomika movie wiki

Source: Deccanherald.com

Bhoomika (or Boomika) is an Indian Tamil-language movie that belongs to the action thriller horror film genre. The movie is written and directed by Rathindran R. Prasad. It was released in the year 2021. The film is also considered as the first film with the genre of eco action thriller. 

Bhoomika Movie wiki says that the film is star studded with some of the great talents of the Tamil film industry. The movie stars Aishwarya Rajesh, Avantika Vandanapu, Madhuri Jain, Vidhu and Pavel Navageethan in the lead roles.  

Bhoomika has also been said to resemble similarity to the storyline of Karthik Subbaraj’s directorial movie ‘Mercury’. Similar or not, Bhoomika is a good watch that will keep its audience hooked to the screen for hours desperate to know the whole story.  

The movie was released via the production company Star Vijay on 22nd August 2021 and also streamed internationally through the platform of Netflix. The movie was widely received and got tremendous response from the audience. 

Bhoomika Movie 2021 Wikipedia 

Apart from the fame and widely spread recognition for the movie, this Tamil-Indian movie also has a dedicated Bhoomika movie 2021 Wikipedia page which is enough to give the movie lovers information about the movie and the cast and crew responsible for making such a creative entertaining piece. 

If you are also willing to know more details about the movie, you can either stay with us and read the whole load of information that we have compiled or you can head to the Bhoomika movie 2021 Wikipedia page. 

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Bhoomika Movie 2021 Release Date  

After reading about the tremendous reviews and feedback about the movie, movie lovers are also willing to know about the Bhoomika movie 2021 release date. Don’t worry we have got this covered as well. 

The movie premiered via Star Vijay on 22nd August 2021 at 3 pm. At the beginning, the movie opened to generally mixed reviews which later got to be really positive in the favor of the movie.  

After its initial release the movie was globally premiered through Netflix on 23 August 2021. Bhoomika was widely watched through Netflix’s platform and people from all over the world loved the acting and storyline of the movie. 

Bhoomika Movie Cast 

The cast of Bhoomika movie is not a lot as the movie focuses on only some of the main characters. The list of the casting team is written below:  

  • Aishwarya Rajesh as Samyuktha “Sam” Gautham, a counseling child psychologist. She is Gautham’s wife, and a mother to Siddhu. 
  • As Boomika, Ganesan’s autistic daughter who committed suicide due to depression brought on by deforestation, Avantika Vandanapu Her spirit would later kill anyone involved in the destruction of her environment. 
  • Vidhu as Gowtham, Samyuktha’s husband – an architect, who is involved in the refurbishment of the Mount Roseyard School. 
  • Pavel Navageethan as Dharman – the security guard/custodian of the deserted Mount Roseyard School. 
  • Surya Ganapathy as Gayathri, a young architect based in Spain, who is also Sam’s and Gautham’s friend. 
  • Madhuri Jain as Adhithi, as Gautham’s phasmophobic sister. 
  • Ayaan Abhishek 
  • Sindhu as Siddhu, Samyuktha’s four-year-old son, who is suffering from the inability of speech. 
  • Prasanna Balachandran (Nakkalites), as Ganesan, Boomika’s father, and the librarian of the Mount Roseyard School. 
  • Srija Priyadharshini (Nakkalites), as Sumathi, Krishna’s pregnant wife. 

Where You Can Watch Bhoomika Movie? 

bhoomika movie wiki

Source: Moviecrow.com

If you have already missed the Bhoomika movie 2021 release date, you still have a chance to watch it through online sources. The movie is available to stream on Netflix with the choice of multiple dubbed languages. 

Or if you do not have a Netflix subscription, you can also find the movie on various online websites to download and watch for free. 

Bhoomika Movie Wiki Spoilers and Trailers  

Have you watched the Bhoomika movie yet? If not and you are planning to watch it, the internet might be a very risky place for you. As there are several videos and articles on the Bhoomika movie 2021 Wikipedia that will share spoilers about the movie. 

So, if you don’t want to spoil the movie for yourself, tread carefully on the internet while searching for more information on the movie. 

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