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Blooket Join: How To Play And Join The Live Matches?

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Have you heard about the interesting Blooket game? No matter if you are an adult or a kid, you can play this game as it is suitable for people of all ages. It is the best opportunity to gain knowledge in a fun way so if you wish to learn how to enter this game – Blooket Join or how you can join live matches then stay with us till the end!

This game requires you to have an account and in order to create one, you can use your email ID and set up a password. If you already have an account then you can easily log in and go for the blooket join game. Once you are logged in, you can also change the privacy settings as per your choice. Let’s learn more about this online multiplayer game.

Blooket Join – What is this game about?

Blooket join game is a multiplayer game that can be played with friends and other people from all around the world. If you are someone who cannot study alone or need a partner then Blooket is all you need, you can open an account and start gaining knowledge by playing this online game.

The players are required to give answers and if given all the answers correctly, they will earn rewards including powerups and cash. The good thing about this game is that anyone can play it without paying anything in return, it is totally free to play. If you want to be a host, you can control the game according to your choice, such as the game time and question sets.

However, if you want to become a host, you can select an option right after logging into your account and then set up an ID that other people use to join. It can be played on smartphones, tablets, or laptops. This game is also very beneficial for teachers who find it hard to engage students, they can use play.blooket.join to develop interest among students.

The teacher will be able to keep an eye on the performance of each and every student. The range of options and learning modes make this platform the best to acquire knowledge. All of its features are amazing and as it is free to use, everyone can use it for educational purposes.

Blooket Join – How does it work?

This online game is based on quiz-style questions and it allows students to study and learn while having fun. Created by Tom & Ben Stewart, the main reason of Blooket join is to provide students and teachers a platform where they can bond together while gaining knowledge. It is such a fun and creative way to learn, especially for kids.

Students can participate in different matches and upon answering correctly, they are given points and other rewards. The question sets used in this game are selected by hosts who can manage and organize these questions for students.

After creating an account, You can start playing this game right away. Read these points to understand how play.blooket.join works:

  • First, you need to create or select a question set, especially if you are a teacher and hosting then you will have many options to organize the set.
  • Once you are done, it’s time to select the mode of the game. There are many engaging game modes available and another thing on which you should keep an eye on is the seasons and events that are made available for only a short period of time.
  • A person/teacher who is hosting will be provided a large screen so the students can join and the teacher can track their performance easily.
  • The students will answer the questions and earn rewards including points and powerups.
  • This is the best way to know the performances of the students and the teachers can easily identify which topics should be taught again.

Blooket Join – How to Play Live Matches?

For playing live matches in blooket join game, you are required to have an account, you can create one by using your email. Provide all the details that you are asked for and don’t worry, you won’t be asked for personal information. Once you are done, select the identity (which can be changed later).

Now that the registration process is done, you can easily participate in live games that are based on quizzes and questions related to education. If you wish to host a game, we will also guide you about it later in this article. Keep in mind that hosting requires you to sign up for a Plus account, once you do it, you can set up unlimited questions as per your choice. 

You will also get multiple options like organizing folders etc, however, if you haven’t created your account and are not hosting any game right now, you can still be a part of a live gaming session that requires a Game ID Code. These codes are available online or can be provided by your teacher.

Blooket join live games offer multiple game modes including Tower of Doom, Cafe, Crazy Kingdom, and Factor so that you will have more fun while gaining knowledge. Another thing that you must do after signing in is to create an avatar, it will be your identity as we discussed above. If you are a student, ask your teacher for the link to any live match.

Your teacher will be responsible for keeping track of your performance and you will be able to catch up with the lessons in a fun way. This game has become quite popular among students and its user-friendly interface attracts more students but you must be 13 years old in order to play this game.

To join live matches in the Blooket game, you will be required codes, the developers release the codes from time to time so you should keep an eye on them. Once you get the code, go to play.blooket.join and you will see a ‘Join a Match’ option in the top left corner, simply click on it. 

When the box appears on the screen, type the code you have and log in to your account. The game will start. As of now, there are no new codes available but just to let you have an idea, the previously available codes for the live matches are given below:

  • 843129
  • 497014
  • 3778473
  • 7643619
  • 8936019
  • 860159
  • 985227
  • 355555
  • 584165
  • 860159
  • 9028310
  • 9028310
  • 768456
  • 283536
  • 466877
  • 899054
  • 325202
  • 5124264
  • 389738
  • 768456
  • 283536

Blooket Join – How to host a game?

Now that you know about playing live games in Blooket, let’s learn about how you can host a game. This game can also be downloaded from Surprise Sports for a more immersive experience. It also allows you to enhance your skills and knowledge by importing quizzes to Blooket. It is very easy to use and host, you just need proper guidance before starting it.

If you want to host the game, you will have multiple options when you visit play.blooket.join, it’s up to you how many students you want to choose for your classroom. You can also randomize your students and if you are a student then you can choose anyone as a host. The host who is most likely to be your teacher will keep an eye on your performance.

This way you will be able to learn better and improve yourself. It’s the finest chance to figure out the subjects you want to spend more time on. Your teacher will also change the experience level in the game to make the test more challenging for you once you start doing good. If you are someone hosting the game for your students, know that you are doing great.

Moreover, the hosts are able to organize question sets and can easily determine what to add as they are constantly tracking the performances of players. Players who want to join the game as a host and are unable to do it or have any kind of trouble should make sure they are at the original website of blooket join game.

You can also upgrade your account to a Plus account for a better experience or if you are facing any difficulties. However, everything will be in your control when you are a host and you can also control the speed of the game. For students who are facing any problems can surely get help from their teachers.

Blooket Join – How to Win the Game?

To win the game, you must know the strategies which you will learn in this section. You are required to collect unique blooks that can be earned in many ways including hosting and solo playing. Keep in mind that some blooks are rare so choose and unlock them wisely, especially if you are new to Blooket join.

In order to win the game and get high scores, you must learn about the GitHub link and how to use it as it allows players to earn unlimited coins which they can add to their Blooket account. So, if you want to unlock all the blooks, you can paste the Github link in your browser and follow the simple on-screen instructions.

Another important thing to keep in mind when playing the blooket game is to utilize your blooks wisely, it will allow you to level up faster and get improve in the game. Some blooks will be unlocked with respect to time such as the T Rex or Tyrannosaurus Rex Blook, you can find it in the Dino Box and its drop rate is quite low.

This is an exciting game that requires skills and quick thinking in order to win and level up faster but this is not it, you should have an idea about how and when to use tokens. Do not rush, especially if you are a beginner, take your time and you will get better. You can also get help from fellow players and your teacher.

In Blooket join, knowing about different tower types is also necessary so that you can construct and easily determine the suitable ones. It is also important to keep an eye on the events and limited-time offers in the game. All these things are equally responsible to help you win the game.

Wrapping Up:

Games like Blooket are considered best for kids and adults because it allows them to learn new things and gain knowledge while interacting with other players. These types of games are very hard to find nowadays and now that you know about it, it is a good idea to play this game rather than wasting time in other games that do not provide any benefit.

We hope you understood all about Blooket Join after reading the details shared above, make sure to keep an eye on codes that are released from time to time and use them wisely as they are only made available for a specific time period. If you still have any confusion, then you can visit their website to learn more about Blooket

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I join a live Blooket game?

Joining the blooket game is very easy, you can go to the official website and click on “Join Match” located in the top left corner. Now, you will be asked for a code, paste it in the box and sign in to your account. You are now ready to play live in the Blooket game.

Can you host and play a game on Blooket?

Yes, anyone can host and play a game, however, if you are a student then you should participate with other students, and your teacher should be the one hosting the game. It works pretty easily, the question sets are selected by the host and the players who give correct answers to the quiz questions get multiple rewards.

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