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Best tips and tricks for booking the desert safari Dubai

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The most exciting place to visit in Dubai is the Arabian desert. The desert safari Dubai attracts too many visitors every year in the entire world. So we have collected some essential tips before booking the desert safari tour. 

The desert safari Dubai is the best chance for you to enjoy nature and spend the holidays. Here you can enjoy many activities like sandboarding, camel riding, quad biking and many more. However, in this article, you will know everything about booking details like what to wear, the best time to go and others. 

Tips for booking the desert safari Dubai:

You should know various things about going on the Dubai desert safari tour. So, all these things include with us https://dubaidesertsafaris.com/:

Timings of the desert safari Dubai:

There are various timings of the desert safari Dubai. The early morning, evening and overnight desert safari are included. However, all the safaris are exciting and have their own merits.

If you want to enjoy the ride of a hot air balloon, then the morning desert safari is best for you. Other than this, if you plan with your family and children, then an evening safari is best. However, overnight is best for those who want to spend the entire night with their partner. 

If we talk about the morning safari, it starts at 8 AM, and it depends on the tour company. In the morning safari, you will enjoy many activities like camel, hot air balloon, quad biking, sunrise, and more.

Besides this, the evening desert safari starts at 3 PM. In the evening desert safari, you will enjoy too many activities like the morning desert safari. The most exciting action of the evening safari is the beautiful sunset view. 

After performing all the evening safari activities, you will be safely returned at around 10 PM. However, the overnight safari is for the entire night. In this, you can spend the whole night in the middle of the Arabian desert. In the overnight desert safari, you will also enjoy a delicious breakfast. 

What things do you have to take?

The first thing is you have a sense of the adventure because you are going for the Arabian desert. After this, remember to charge your phone entirely.

In the desert safari, you will get a chance to take amazing photos. If you have the best camera, don’t forget to take it. The next thing you have to take is sunscreen to protect your body from the hot sun. 

Take some medications for the emergency. Other than this, if you have any health problems, then don’t forget to take your medications. Sunglasses are essential for the protection of your eyes. So, don’t forget to bring your sunglasses. 

What to wear:

There are no restrictions or any dress for the desert safari tour. But for your comfort, you have to wear lightweight and breathable clothes. Lightweight clothes are best for camel riding, quad biking and sandboarding. These clothes also provide you with complete protection from the sun. 

After sunset, the temperature drops, and it gets too cold. So, for this situation, you have to pack a jacket, shawl or any other thing to cover your body. If we talk about footwear, remember that you are going to the desert in hot months, then the sand is also desirable. So covered shoes are the best option for you. 

What things to expect from the desert safari Dubai?

When the desert safari tour starts then the first thing you have to experience is dune bashing. You can enjoy the 4×4 SUV ride through the high dunes in this thrilling activity.

The next thing you will see is the beautiful sunrise and the sunset. The golden and orange rays of the sun will make the sands more beautiful. You can also take some fantastic pictures.

The next thing you can expect is the different activities. Sandboarding, camel riding, quad biking, hot air ballooning and others. All the activities are unique and thrilling. You should not miss any activities; however, if you don’t like the exciting activities, you can try camel riding and others to explore the desert. 

After performing all the thrilling activities, you can enjoy the campsite activities. Henna painting, BBQ buffet dinner, trying the Arabian traditional dress, and live entertainment shows. The professionals will perform the henna painting, and you can take pictures while wearing Arabian dresses. 

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FAQs on desert safari Dubai:

Photography is allowed or not?

Yes, you can easily take pictures and capture unique moments with your camera or with the help of your phone, but remember to charge your phone entirely.

Are children and women able to enjoy desert safari Dubai?

Yes, all the children and women can enjoy the desert safari Dubai. But remember that children under four years and pregnant women are not allowed. 

Are there any type of restrictions on the Dubai desert safari?

There are no restrictions on the desert safari Dubai. But due to the Covid-19, you have to take care and follow all the instructions before performing any activity.

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