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Building An Effective Movie Watchlist: 5 Simple Tips You Need To Know

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So, you are planning to be the next big cinephile in your friend group, right?

You are planning to recommend all the best cinemas whenever someone from your friend group asks for them.

Well, you have reached the right place.

Now, people who are not ardent cinephiles will never understand the point of a good movie list. But, it is okay. We do not owe anyone an explanation.

Yes, there is a correct and effective playlist.

It depends on-

– Mood.

– Time.

– Genre.

– Company &

– Pure Impulse.

Thus, when you are creating a wishlist, you might have to separate categories and subheadings.

These will ensure that you and your cinema company or your family members will also be able to enjoy these movie nights.

This is why we need to pick each movie carefully!

Again, it might look like a waste of time for many, however, if someone tells you that it is a waste of time, just don’t share your masterpiece with them.

Where To Get These Movies

Yes, we all know creating these wish lists can be somewhat tiring, but just creating them won’t be enough.

You need to get these movies as well!

Please, do not rely on those exploiting OTT platforms that are taking so many dollars from you every month, and you don’t even get all the movies.

Like what!

This is one of the reasons why you should download all the movies beforehand.

So, do you wish to download them for free?

Yes, you can get all the movies for free!

Because with the pirate bay, you can simply search for any movie and automatically be redirected to a site that offers that movie for free.

This is a decentralized peer-to-peer platform, and you can get all your favorite movies, Television series, games, software, etc., absolutely for free from this domain.

Creating The Best & The Most Effective Watchlist

Now, coming to the most important part of the article!

This is where we elaborate upon the different ways in which you could make the ultimate wishlist of your choice.

1. Mood

The mood decides the aesthetic of the movie!

When we talk about mood, we are not necessarily talking about genre.

There are other details in the movie.

– Storyline.

– Color scheme.

– Time period.

– Aesthetics, etc.

The way you are feeling plays a very important role in deciding your next movie pick. That being said, if you are feeling excessively sad, do not watch something angst.

2. Time

There is a time for everything!

A nighttime movie will call for a different feel and thus will have a separate list of films.

For example, if you are watching a movie planned for Saturday afternoon, then the loss should consist of family comedies or romantic comedies.

Because these genres will help you enjoy the light afternoon breeze and the soft sunshine.

3. Genre

Now, when it comes to genre, all the categories will have some kind of genre from which you choose.

However, when it comes to making a wishlist on genres, you can get all crazy!

You can pick your favorite genres and select a few movies underneath. Some of the common genres which you can start with are,

– Fold Noar.

– Psychological Thrillers.

– Romantic comedies, etc.

4. Company

The people you are sitting with will have a say in what you should watch and what you shouldn’t.

So, you should have a wishlist that would have all the friends and family favorites!

Ask them about their favorite genres as well, and come to the movie session. They will appreciate your effort.

5. Pure Impulse

These will consist of movies like-

– Guilty Pleasure.

– Nostalgia.

– Brainless comedy, etc.

Solely for the purpose of entertainment and nothing else. Some might not even understand the meaning of these movies.

However, they are just for your pleasure, and no one has to get them.

Happy Movie Nights!

There you have it, a total blueprint of creating the world’s perfect playlist!

Now, whenever you want to watch a movie, you do not have to wait and look through endless options.

Just recall your mood and simply pick the genre accordingly!

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