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Business App Development Cost: Factors & Estimation

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A high-quality mobile app boosts your business, especially since the market continues to grow generating a record $65 billion in spending in the first half of 2022, and consumers continue downloading apps at record rates.

It may be time for you to step in. 

A successful app project starts with correctly calculating mobile app development cost and timelines. This article will discuss the costs and steps to successfully build an app.

Factors to account for when calculating app cost

Average prices to build a mobile app depend on the complexity of the app, its functionality and tech stack, as well as the rates of a vendor. Thus, the app’s cost may range from $5,000 to $300,000.

Here are the main factors to consider when building an app:

1.   Hybrid or native

Most apps are developed for Android, iOS devices, or both. Native apps are built specifically for Android or iOS. An app made for iOS won’t work for Android and vice versa. Hybrid apps work for both.

It is recommended to build native apps, as they are mostly free from flaws. Yet, while selecting the native option, you’ll have to create two apps, employing different technologies separately.

 For example, the world-famous trip app Booking.com was first developed for iOS in 2010, and the Android app appeared only a year later.

2.   Features

Every app has basic functionality, like a log-in function, menu, and most straightforward options. If this is a taxi app, it allows booking a taxi, and if that’s a GPS app, you have access to maps, etc.

Advanced features may include profound search options and filtering, VR functionality, prediction algorithms, and others. Advanced features take more development hours, so the cost of the app rises exponentially.

3.   Technology

Every functionality or platform requires a specific sort of tech, and this influences app development costs.

For example, an app for Android requires proficiency in Java and Kotlin, while an iOS app needs Objective C and Swift skills. Naturally, app development cost depends on technology rates, and an iOS app can cost you more than an Android version.

Interesting: according to The Verge, despite “the vast majority of phones on Earth running Android,” iOS developers earned twice more money in 2020 than developers working with Android. That was $155 billion and $80 billion, respectively.

Costs to build an app around the world

There exist taxation and salary differences around the world. For example, the average development rate in Western Europe and the United States is 80-150 USD/hr, and in Eastern Europe, the cost is 25-50 USD/hr.

The cost will vary based on the location of your vendor. For example, if your app project will take approximately 2000 hrs. – an average time for a team of several specialists to build and launch an app of medium complexity, the cost of your project will be:

About $100,000 – Eastern Europe (50 USD/hr.)

About $200,000 – Central and Western Europe (av. 100 USD/hr.)

About $300,000 – United States (150 USD/hr.)


So, there are several things you have to decide on before building a mobile app: the complexity, the set of features, and your future vendor. Based on these data, you may kick off with budget calculation. If you want to learn about mobile app development in detail, follow the link: https://mlsdev.com/services/mobile-app-development

Author’s bio: Anastasiia Lastovetska is a technology writer at MLSDev, a software development company that builds web & mobile app solutions from scratch. She researches the area of technology to create great content about app development, UX/UI design, tech & business consulting.

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