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The Ultimate Guide on How to Create a Business Pinterest Account

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Not have a business Pinterest account and looking for a guide on how to create then this article is going to best for you cover step by step guide to create a professional account in minutes.

Pinterest is one of the biggest social media platforms that have a worldwide 320 million monthly active users. So, think about it you have a good opportunity to showcase your business and find potential customers in no time.

Content Topics:

  • Is a Pinterest Business Account Free?
  • What is the difference between pins and boards on Pinterest?
  • Step by Step Guide to Create a Pinterest Business Page
  • How to do Profile Setting of Pinterest Business Page?

Is a Pinterest business account free?

Yes, Pinterest Business account is completely free. After creating a Pinterest account you can create your Business profile and have access to wonderful features of Pinterest Analytics: Audience insights and Overview options.

You can check the in-depth performance of the users and analyze how’s your account doing. So, Create boards & pins and start sharing your content and get valuable traffic.

Business Pinterest Account

Further, to access the Free Pinterest business account you just need to sign up. After signing up you are ready to go for branding and promoting your business in front of millions of users.

What is the difference between pins and boards on Pinterest?

A pin is an individual act whereas board is a collection of multiple pins. Suppose I create a board name SEO { Search Engine Optimization }. Now I have content relevant to SEO.

What is the difference between pins and boards on Pinterest

For each content, I create a different pin and add it to the SEO { Search Engine Optimization } Board. This relevancy of content attracts readers to read the other articles.

Similarly, you can create boards related to each category and fill them with pins. This thing make strong your business profile and get more visibility on Pinterest.

Step by Step Guide to Create a Pinterest Business Page

Create a Business Pinterest Account

1. On the click on the signup. Sign up page contains options of creating a personal account or Business account. Click the “Create a Business Account” button located on the end.

Pinterest Sign Up

2. Now fill the Pinterest signup dialogue box asking for email, password, and Age. After filling the whole required details click on the create account.

3. A window appears asking to set the Business profile, Business name, add website URL, region, and language. Fill these details and click Next to proceed.

4. Select your Business Niche and click Next.

Create a Business Pinterest Account

5. In this step Pinterest asking for a type of business account. Select the right one that suits your business and click Next.

6.  After covering these steps your account is created.

How to do Profile Setting of Pinterest Business Page?


For a setting of Pinterest profile, click on the arrow located on the top-right side. You can see a multiple options there, choose a setting on the second number.

Profile setting on pinterest

After clicking on it you are able to edit the following settings.

  • Change Logo
  • Business Name
  • Set a username
  • Short Description of Profile
  • Email
  • Address and Number

Make sure to add the all above details. So, that it becomes easier for the users what type of profile it is and what they get from here.


To spread your online business rapidly you have to built a business profile on all social media sites such as on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, Reddit, and Quora, etc.

In this article, we cover how to create business Pinterest page. For more similar artile read out the How To Make a Facebook Business Page. Make sure to read it, helps you in creating a professional Facebook page.

Wrapping Up

Nowadays, social media is a free and active source where you can approach up to millions of people in no time. If you are looking to become a successful entrepreneur make sure to regularly promote your business on social media sites and get potential customers without putting a single step out of the Home.

Good Luck for the Bright Future 👍

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