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Child-Friendly Cats Breeds You Can Keep At Home

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Are you looking to expand your family, and add a furry friend to it, but not sure if the cat you bring home will be kid-friendly? The trick is to look for those breeds that are laid back, friendly, and playful towards humans and other animals. 

It is always recommended for families to keep pets while they raise their kids. There are various reasons why parents should raise their children while they raise their pets. Some of these are included here, and others are added below.

Reasons to Keep Pets at Home When You Have Your Kids

Pets can offer several positive benefits to any home, some of these include:

  • Offering companionship and comfort to children
  • Teaching them responsibility
  • Helping them to learn
  • Decreasing their allergies
  • Helps to get rid of loneliness
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Keep children active
  • It’s just plain fun
  • Keeps families together and loving towards each other
  • Encouraging a healthy lifestyle

The list of cats below will help you choose the one that’s best for your children.

The American Shorthair

One of the easiest going and laidback breeds is the American Shorthair cat. These were built for families with children and rightly so.

They are lovable, sweet-natured and low maintenance. They are also one of the sturdiest cats around so if your children tend to pick them up every chance they get, they won’t mind.

They are easy to get along with and they get along with most humans and other pets in any house. Another great thing about them is they have long lifespans, which means your little ones can grow up with them.

Their main reason for being bred was to catch rodents, which is a plus in any home. They will do what needs to be done to keep the house rodent-free.

The Ragdoll

The name says it all. Have you ever seen what a ragdoll looks like? It looks like a floppy baby doll. They are fairly large and have the bluest eyes you would have ever seen in a pet. When you pick them up they will collapse into your arms, in a loving way – What bliss! This is why they’re called the ‘ragdoll’: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ragdoll

Another highly laidback breed, they enjoy the companionship of humans and will come to the door when they know you are about to enter, almost like they are greeting you.

These guys love to follow their owners around the house and will go from room to room looking for you if you disappear, so you remain in their sight. Needless to say, they do not like being left alone.

A playful and smart breed that can learn new trick very easily, the ragdolls have been one of the perfect children’s companion for decades and continues to live up to this reputation till today.

Child-Friendly Cats Breeds

The Abyssinian

If ever there was a mix of loyalty, a peoples-cat and an intelligent one, it’s the Abyssinian. As a great fit for any family with young ones, they may run away from toddlers from time to time but this is their playful mentality that is telling you to run after it and play with him.

They have a slender body type with an athletic-looking physique and a short coat, with some of the most striking features.

These manipulative cats can have the entire family wrapped around their claws, and you wouldn’t even know it. Although they are a loving bunch, they are not your typical lap breed so don’t go for them.

If you’re into a cuddle-feline, because they’re pretty independent and happy to sit next to you, as opposed to on top of you. They would rather sit by the window and stare outside at passers-by’s and cars.

The European Burmese

A fearless addition to any family would be the Burmese, no doubt. They live well up to their old age and not only look great but have the nicest personalities on four legs, too.

They love to follow family members around and even love being around kids and other animals, especially other dogs. This breeds guide can tell you more about how to look after them, what to feed them and how to handle any needs that may arise while having a cat in the house.

They are elegant, and yet playful and don’t mind getting their long thick fur dirty. As one of the many low-maintenance cats, if you bathe them once a week, they won’t mind. These guys will stick with you for life if you treat them well.   

The Manx

If there ever was a devoted cat, it would be the Manx.  Originally coming from the Isle of Man, they are also a good breed to keep in a house with children. Their medium-sized bodies and round features make them one of the cutest animals to see and be around.

These guys are often reared as tail-less and are a very active bunch that can either keep you busy throughout the day or keep themselves busy with toys and puzzles. They can jump to great heights due to their powerful hind legs and so are pretty useful in playing a game of catch and mouse.

They could just as well be dogs … but they’re not. 

These are just touching the surface of some of the moggies you can choose to keep in your family home, and your children will thank you for it. 

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