Cleanrobux Com Reviews: Is It Generate Free Robux?


Roblox is a very popular and trendy online game that has millions of players online. The game is played by gamers from all over the world and has a vast server that is not only used for playing games but also for creating games, real-time earning and in-game product selling. 

Furthermore, to deal with most of the features of this game, the in-game digital currency, Robux, is used by the players. Robux can either be bought or earned by completing different tasks in the game. However, earning Robux becomes a very difficult task for some players and they tend to search for other ways to gain Robux. 

CleanRobux is an online platform that is used by Roblox players in this regard as the platform helps the players earn free Robux for their Roblox game.  

Check out more details about CleanRobux com in this article and know how you can benefit from the services offered by this platform. 

What is CleanRobux Com? 

cleanrobux com


CleanRobux is an online platform that is used as a Robux generator. The website claims to offer Roblox players unlimited Robux for free. The platform advertises itself as a free Robux generator however, by only looking at the platform it Is hard to say whether the claims of the website is legit or not. 

On the homepage of CleanRobux Com, the users can see a widget showing the number of users online as well as a message claiming a user has got a specified number of Robux. The players are required to provide some personal information along with the username and password of the Roblox account. After entering your Username, a pop-up window will appear asking the user to complete any of the two offers presented in order to confirm that the user is a human and not any type of bot. 

These offers may include partaking on surveys and downloading random apps. However, once the players are done completing them, free Robux will be awarded. 

However, the claims of the website are not true and the human verification process is simply a trick that is created to steal information from users. Apart from that, the app that you were told to download will automatically reward the developers behind Cleanrobux website for your efforts. 

Most of the features along with the whole chats on the CleanRobux as well as number of users online is fake. In fact, this website is a scam site which claims to work as a free Robux generator. It is not a legitimate website and can never give you free Robux. 

How CleanRobux Claims to Generate Robux for Roblox? 

CleanRobux claims to be a reliable Robux generator on the internet using which many players can get their hands on free Robux. But how does this platform work? Let’s find out. 

  • Open your browser and go to the website cleanrobux com 
  • Go to the homepage of the website 
  • On the homepage, select the number of Robux you want to gain 
  • Provide in the required details including your Roblox username and account password 
  • Click on the generate button 
  • Complete the given tasks by the platform 
  • You may be asked to complete the surveys or download some particular apps 
  • Once done, the free Robux amount will be added to your Roblox account directly 

CleanRobux – A Free Robux Generator or Not? 

The claims of CleanRobux for being a reliable option to gain free Robux is under review. However, according to the little data collected about the platform suggests that the website is committing fraud and does not fulfill its claim of providing free Robux to Roblox players. 

However, it is always up to the players to decide for themselves. As the website is quite popular, many players may want to check the legitimacy of the website themselves, which they are completely free to do. 

CleanRobux Website Specification 

  • Website URL: 
  • Website Type: Online Service 
  • Domain Creation Date: 9th June 2020 
  • Domain Age: More than 2 years 
  • Domain Expiration Date: Not Confirmed 
  • Trust Index: Trust Index of CleanRobux com is quite low and falls only at 8 out of 100 
  • HTTPS Connection: The HTTPS connection of the website is secure 
  • Certificate: The website has a valid SSL certificate 
  • Social Media Handles: Links are broken 
  • Contact Information: Not Available 
  • Owner Information: Not Available 
  • Email Address: Not Available 

CleanRobux Com No Human Verification 

CleanRobux is an online Robux generator which claims to provide free Robux with CleanRobux com no human verification. Which means that the website is functional and able to provide the gamers with free Robux even if they don’t register on the website for any reason. The players are encouraged by the website to visit ASAP and get benefits and perks within the game of Roblox with the free Robux. 

Is It Safe to Use CleanRobux? 


Even though the platform of CleanRobux claims to provide an easier way to get Robux for Roblox games, the website is highly suspicious and does not actually fit with the profile of legitimate websites.  

This website has a quite low trust score of 8 out of 100 and deems as an unsafe website. It is recommended to our readers to proceed with caution on this platform as they may be involved in some type of data and information theft while asking the players to provide their Roblox account details.  

CleanRobux User Review 

There are not many reviews of this platform on the internet even though it is used by a lot of players from all over the world. However, the trust score of this website is very low and it is a highly suspicious website. 

It is observed that the claims of the website of providing free Robux is not legitimate and the website is not able to provide the users with free Robux for Roblox. It is better that we stay away from such platforms and focus on gaining Robux in a legitimate way that is officially offered by the Roblox game. 

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