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How to Get Free COD Points Generator 2022 COD

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Alongside other popular first-person shooter games for mobile devices, such as Free Fire and PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile has appeared as one of the most widespread options available to players. Despite the fact that it is free to play, the game uses a virtual currency that you will need to purchase with real money in order to progress. Do you not have any money to spend on Call of Duty? Don’t be concerned! In this tutorial for Call of Duty Mobile, we will show you how to earn free Cod Points using codpts com

You should purchase CP in order to stand out from other users, have the best weaponry, and have distinctive skins. However, not every individual has the money to spend on this game, which is why many players look for free Cod Points every day in Call of Duty for mobile. 

Nevertheless, there are a lot of untrustworthy websites that we may locate online that promise us tricks and hacks that don’t work in exchange for money. If you don’t want to fall for these jokes, we have put together a thorough guide in which we have outlined the most practical ways to get free cod points using CODPTS com.  

Everything You Need to Comprehend About CODPTS . Com 

The popular first-person shooter Call of Duty has been reimagined as an action game for mobiles in the form of Call of Duty Mobile. This is a free game that was developed by Activision and supported by Tencent. Within it, we are able to play the classic game modes of this edition as well as on maps that were taken from the traditional tale. 

Within Call of Duty, you will find a micropayment system, just as in the vast majority of other video games in this genre. This system will enable you to get one-of-a-kind things, weaponry, loot boxes, and even the premium battle pass, which is updated with each new season. All of this is obtainable by spending the illustrious CP points, which are purchased with actual cash. 

You don’t want to put any of your hard-earned cash into Call of Duty, do you? Do not be concerned because a significant number of individuals are in the same position as you and cannot purchase Cod Points; as a result, they go to other options like codpts com. If you are curious about how to earn free Cod Points in Call of Duty, you have come to the right place. Here, we have compiled the most efficient and practical techniques. 

codpts . com

Source: Reddit.com

What is the Cost of Points in Call of Duty? (CODPTS . COM) 

If you choose to play it safe and purchase COD points in a genuine manner, then you should be aware of what their Actual Price is. In order to provide you with a clearer picture of the total number of CP that you are capable of purchasing, the following list, which has been recently revised, is as follows: 

  • 80 code points. €1.09 
  • 400 Code points €5.49 
  • 800 Code points €10.09 
  • 2,000 Code points €27.99 
  • 4,000 Code points €42.99 
  • 8,000 Code Points €109.99 

As a matter of course, we are able to discover deals by searching for them in the code mobile shop.

While maximizing various savings options, it’s beneficial to acquaint yourself with social networking sites. Similarly, when seeking the best two-player mobile games, familiarity with social networks can aid in discovering recommendations and connecting with potential gaming partners for an enhanced multiplayer experience.

CODPTS COM: Points Generator for Call of Duty Mobile 

Users who enjoy Call of Duty Mobile make frequent use of free resource generators like codpts com, making them one of the tools that users seek out the most and use the most frequently. It is a potent application that establishes a direct connection to the Call of Duty servers and gives you the ability to acquire unlimited points codes. 

As there is no need to download any files and the entire process takes place online, this method ranks among those that are the quickest and easiest to acquire COD points. You simply need to enter it and fill in the data that is requested by codpts com, and then the CP will be added to your account automatically.

It’s a wonderful idea, isn’t it? The only liability is that it can be difficult to locate a generator that actually produces results, given that the majority of the results that can be found on Google are fraudulent. 

In the case that you do not want to spend a significant amount of time scouring the internet in search of a generator that works, we have taken the initiative of testing each of the available options. You can earn free COD points in Call of Duty mobile if you play the game in this manner. 

CODPTS COM: How to Use the Generator? 

You won’t need to be a professional or install third-party applications on your device in order to make use of the free resource generator such as codpts com. Instead, all you have to do is the following: 

  • You can access it directly above the “Cod Points Generator” button. 
  • Complete the blanks with the necessary information. 
  • Choose the operating system that is compatible with your device. 
  • You can choose the number of CP that you want. 
  • Click the “Generate” button. 
  • You just need to wait for a while, and you’ll have some CP added to your account. 


Can One Get Free Points in COD? 

Authentic survey websites like Survey Monkey, Swagbucks, Toluna, and Microsoft Rewards are one way to earn free COD points. You can complete surveys and questions on these websites, and for each survey you complete, you receive incentives. 

Can One Gift their COD Points? 

Unfortunately, there is no method for one player to give COD Points to another player. 


At the present moment, a significant number of online websites, such as codpts com, claim to provide free COD points. However, the safest method of getting free COD points is by simply checking out.  

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