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Essential Components of an On-grid Solar Panel System

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On-grid solar panel system

A solar system at home or office must either be independent or connected to a system. In an on-grid solar panel system, the additional solar energy produced is transferred to the grid once you use electricity as per your requirement. Hence, it allows you to have an extra source of income by creating a large amount of electricity. Initially, you will have to invest in installing the solar energy system at home. However, it will be a win-win situation once you get cash credit from the power company.

Components of Solar Power System

A solar power system has many essential components that are instrumental in converting sunlight into electricity and storing it within the existing power grid. The following are the essential components of an on-grid solar panel system:

Solar Panels: 

No solar power system can function without solar panels because this is where the sunlight is converted into electricity. You have an option to  install them either on a rooftop or just on the ground to harvest sunlight and convert it into direct current (DC) type of electricity.

Solar Inverter:

In a solar power system, the electricity produced is direct current (DC). It’s a solar inverter that converts this into alternating current (AC) electricity. It’s important because every appliance at home or office only uses alternating current (AC) to function. 

Monitoring System:

The monitoring system is must because it helps consumer to get credit for the surplus electricity besides measuring the total electricity produced and consumed. 

Solar Power System Battery:

There are two types of batteries that are used in a solar power system 1) Lithium ion battery, and 2) Lead acid battery. However, a lithium ion battery is preferred more because they have a higher DoD. It’s a special quality for batteries that makes them last longer. 

Power meter: 

A power metre helps consumers to receive cash credits for the electricity transferred to the grid. It also tracks the amount of electricity produced and consumed. 

Structure of Solar System: 

It doesn’t matter where you wish to install your solar system, you need a strong structure. Moreover, Solar Panels should be positioned properly to receive the maximum sunlight.

Grid Connection:

A grid-tie inverter would be helpful to connect an on-grid solar panel system to the electricity grid. In the case of surplus electricity generation, the solar panels for home systems store it in the grid and also withdraw from the grid when the energy production is less than required.

Cost of an on-grid solar panel system

The price of an on grid solar panel system ranges from Rs 6.5 lakhs to 17 lakhs. Some of the important factors that affect the price are the size of the system, the quality of components, and the type of installation.

Residential Use: 

The cost of a solar power system depends upon the type of services included. It begins from Rs 300,000 and goes upto to 800,000, excluded from governmental subsidies. The cost includes the price of solar panels, inverter, lithium-ion battery, electric components, and installation charges. 

Commercial Use: 

An on-grid commercial solar power system is a massive system that produces huge amounts of electricity. These plants are very expensive and require a sizable investment.

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