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Corporate Gift-Giving: Go the Extra Mile with Thoughtful Gifts

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Now that the most wonderful time of the year is almost here, it’s the perfect opportunity for business owners to get the creative wheels turning and excel at gift-giving. It’s an old strategy that guarantees to increase the revenue, in addition to helping build the brand and ensure business growth. How?

By creating a lasting impression on employees, business partners, investors, and clients! The selfless act of giving, and not expecting something in return, is a practice that’s most helpful with expressing appreciation to the people who have a share in your company’s success.

Still, to be able to truly show them how much their relationships mean to you, it’s necessary to look beyond the generic freebies.

No more predictable surprises in the form of branded pens, calendars that are more likely to end up in a drawer, or lame mugs no one needs – special relationships call for thoughtful gifts. But, how do you choose something thoughtful out of a range of options?

Focus on the Personal Aspect

Focus on the Personal Aspect

Forget about the idea you have to spend a fortune to get a meaningful present. The simple act of getting to know the recipient more prior to shopping is enough to indicate you’re willing to go the extra mile.

For instance, when you decide to buy corporate Christmas gifts available in an array of packages, forms, contents, and sizes, being aware of the giftee’s taste would be of immense help.

Chocolates and sweet edible treats are all-time classics, with Belgian chocs, Ferrero Rocher, Lindt Balls, choc coated fruits, cookie cakes and doughnuts as the popular goods that cater to the needs of any person with a sweet tooth.

Yet filling a box with them would only get you so far in corporate gift-giving when you’re not sending them to a choc and sweets lover. Even if this is the case, you’d be glad to know you’ve got plenty of other goods to choose from when it comes to delivering a tasty gourmet hamper.

Delicious smoked almonds, coconut apricot balls, a selection of cheeses, orange bars, and biscuits are some of the savoury alternatives you can choose to surprise your work team, partners, or clients who are into something healthier.

Top it off with their favourite drinks, whether it’s stout beer or unique teas, coffee or bubbly, and you can be certain it would turn into a memorable corporate Christmas gift.

You get bonus points for going to detail with the personalisation, including the gift presentation into the equation too, by paying particular attention to the colour and style of the packaging.

Anything festive, in the pattern or shape of the symbols of Christmas, like trees and wreaths, would be appropriate. And, of course, a handwritten note to finish off the gift with care.

If the recipient is a mere acquaintance, don’t be afraid to ask around to find out their likes and dislikes. Or better yet, ask them directly what they’d like to receive this year’s festive season.

A more discrete way would be to create a wish list that everyone from the company can fill in. While it takes away the element of surprise, at least you’d have the peace of mind what you buy won’t end up regifted.

Stick to Shopping Locally

Stick to Shopping Locally

When choosing to buy corporate Christmas gifts filled with delicacies, there’s another aspect that’s just as crucial as personalisation – the freshness of the products. E-commerce has made it possible to shop and deliver anywhere, yet when it comes to ensuring the foods remain edible when the recipient gets them, it’s best to stay local.

Greta E-commerce websites like Gift Market have made it possible for businesses to buy bulk workers gifts for their employees. You even have the option of putting together hampers! Make sure that you are putting in a little thought and lots of care when deciding upon workers appreciation gifts.

This is especially true if the giftees live in another city, so finding a store with local production capability is an absolute must. If you add flowers or plant gifts to the list of hamper essentials, then you’d make sure they arrive fresh too.

And, in case you’re a shopper who cares about the environment, by making this shopping decision you contribute to sustainability. Let’s agree this kind of gift-giving is a noble gesture!

Ensure Timely Delivery

Ensure Timely Delivery

What could be better than personalised corporate Christmas gifts with fresh products? Timely gifts! If you won’t have a blast with Secret Santa this year (not even a virtual one), and won’t personally hand the surprises, then it’s imperative to check the delivery options.

Regardless of whether they live in the same city or not, checking this aspect beforehand would save you from embarrassing belated gift situations.

And, should you find yourself in such a hot spot, take comfort in knowing there are companies with same-day delivery options. You just have to do your homework and find them!

Set the Budget

Set the Budget

Let’s agree on one thing: shopping for the ideal gift can be an overwhelming experience. If it’s difficult to choose for a loved one, it’s that much big of a challenge to purchase for a corporate friend or acquaintance.

Besides adopting the personalised aspect strategy, you’d appreciate the ease a defined budget brings about when you choose to buy corporate Christmas gifts available in both simple and deluxe editions.

Those business owners who are clueless as to where they should start could facilitate the process by fitting recipients into categories. An example would be to make a list of all the employees, clients, and partners.

If you plan on rewarding people for their merits in your company’s success, instead of establishing the general budget, you can define the exact spending amount for each giftee.

Though, for the sake of avoiding favouring, you might want to stick to the same amount for everyone. Or another successful solution would be to get the whole team a single gift they could all enjoy. A corporate Christmas gift hamper full of edible treats to the liking of each of them would do the trick!

Same as with making sure the gifts are appropriate for the occasion, as well as the people receiving them, it’s important to follow corporate gifting etiquette.

Which is to avoid buying a gift that’s either too expensive or cheap. In companies where there aren’t any strict gifting policies, it may be best to check with HR to be on the safe side.

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