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Tips to Create a Text-Based Logo for Unmatched Branding

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What’s common between IBM, Google, FedEx, Dior, Gucci, and Sony? Each brand’s logo design is text-based, right?

Every brand needs a logo. While some make a logo get stuck in people’s memories, others fail to impress. You must be thinking, “why?” It’s on the grounds that a logo configuration needs to pass the difficult choice – would it be advisable for it to be a realistic logo, a text logo, a theoretical logo, or a mix of text and illustrations?

There are pros and cons associated with each type of logo. Abstract logos are eye-catching. If a designer knows how to design it wisely, it becomes an innovative brandmark.

Text-based logos, on the other hand, are misjudged as being boring. But when you look at big brands’ logos, as mentioned earlier, you will find that these logos are admired for their simplicity and easy recall.

If you’re having a budget issue or want to create a text-based logo using a logo maker, here are some tips to follow.

Select a font carefully

Font selection becomes pivotal for a text logo as people’s attraction revolves around it. When you get the logo font right, it looks stunning! But when you pick a font that’s contradictory, it becomes a huge turn-off.

So, get it right. Before finalizing a font for your logo design, undertake some research work. Consider the characteristics of your business and translate them using the right font. Even you can compare a few fonts side-by-side to find which one works better.

Get innovative with spacing

Spacing is as important as the font. It can make or break the final result of your logo design. For example, consider the FedEx logo. If it doesn’t have the letters arranged in a specific way, it wouldn’t be the same logo as we see it today.

It’s because the utilization of space between the letter “E” and “x,” which forms an arrow signifying fast delivery, would be harder to identify.

You don’t need to count on a symbol to make your logo powerful. A witty use of the spaces between the letters can do wonders for you. All you have to do is to think of ways by which you can turn the spacing between the letters in your favor.

Choose the perfect color

Color is yet another element that will make your text logo look stunning. If you already have specific brand colors, stay with the same color palette. You can choose a primary color for your brand or experiment with multiple colors.

If you don’t have a brand color to work with your text-based logo, you can choose a suitable one considering the characteristics of your brand. Think of different color combinations and choose colors that reflect the meaning of your brand. You always have the option to stick with a black-and-white color palette to keep things classic and minimal.

Consider adding a tagline or conveying a message

How about adding a hidden message or a tagline to your text logo? Your brand name is the most crucial thing, but incorporating a slogan will bring out the essence of your business most effectively. They work as an additional feature that makes all the difference. Also, customers feel strongly connected with your brand.

But when you add a tagline to your logo, make sure to use the appropriate font and color for a cohesive look.

Ask for opinion or feedback

You have used a logo maker and created a logo design. Now, you think that you are done. But in reality, you haven’t! There is always a possibility of improvement with your text logo. The more time you take to polish every detail, the better your logo design will be.

To find many opportunities for improvement, keep an eye for detail. You can send it to your family, friends, stakeholders, business partners, or even customers for a second opinion. Their opinion regarding your logo design will open up possibilities for improvements. Their suggestions will help you fine-tune your logo in the best possible way.

All the suggestions are worth considering, but keep in mind that you don’t have to change the vision of your text logo. You don’t need to tweak it beyond recognition just to please someone. Consider only the condition when their points are valid.


We know that creating a text-based logo isn’t a cup of tea. But it isn’t impossible either. You can use a logo maker to create a text logo of your choice. But make sure you choose the right font, color, and spacing.

Consider the tips stated earlier to create an effective text-based logo.

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