Dark Souls 3 Quality Build: A Complete Guide With Tips

Dark Souls 3 Quality Build

This version is very suitable for players who are just starting the game or trying the combined version. It will allow you to test various impractical weapons. You will be able to use almost all weapons in the game and inject them with refined gems.

After reading this Dark Souls 3 quality build Guide you will be able to use all the weapons in the gameThere are the steps to follow for Dark Souls 3 quality build.

Choose a knight level

To start using your character, you need to make sure to choose a knight level. This is because it will give you a good start. After all, they have already scored quite a bit in the required fields. In addition, they have 7 luck, which is enough because we want to keep luck to a minimum.

You can also choose the firework profession, but the knight has enough power and dexterity to start the game and for Dark Souls 3 quality build.

EndGame Stats 

For statistics, you want your vitality to be 31, coordination to be 14, endurance to be 25, and vitality to be 15. Intelligence and luck are not important in this setting, so keep them early in the video game.

Upgrade tuning is very useful for you because it will give the player two spell slots. We suggest only increasing your faith and intelligence by a few points so that you can get Carthus Flame Bow.

If you want more health points, you can add more vitality and vitality points. If that is what you are looking for, having excellent endurance can also put you in better gear.


This version mainly requires three weapons. Refined internal folding knives, refined Astora swords, and papal knight scimitars. These weapons will provide you with a lot of versatility.

  • Each weapon has different attack speed and movement settings.
  • We suggest using Astora Greatsword in PvP combat because it causes a lot of damage and is amazingly fast. You can kill your opponent in one blow without sacrificing too much attack speed. Its charge time is very long, and it is difficult for most players to avoid it.
  • Upgrading your weapons requires a lot of embers. If you know how to grow embers, you can easily upgrade your weapons and cause a lot of damage.
  • For players who like fast breaks, a scimitar is recommended. It’s lightweight, which means you don’t have to worry about rolling slowly or being overweight. Attack speed is fast and provides more versatility for this Dark Souls 3 quality build.

Carthus Flame Arc 

This is primarily the center of quality builds Dark Souls 3. This is a pyrotechnic spell that requires the use of pyrotechnic tools to cast it. To use it, you must have 10 Wisdom points and 10 Faith points, which is why you must add points to these areas. You can buy it from Cornyx in the Everglades for only 10,000 souls.

Please note that it can only be purchased after giving him Carthus Tome of Pyromancy. It lasts for 90 seconds, which is sufficient for most battles, and it can upgrade your weapons to cause fire damage.

Under normal circumstances, Astora’s refined greatsword +10 will cause 531 damage, but after upgrading with Kasath’s flame bow, you will cause a huge amount of damage of 624. Whether you are playing PvP or playing boss, the extra damage bonus is more welcome. Every point of damage helps.

Golden Pine Resin 

The alternative to Casas’ flame arc is Golden Pine Resin. In most cases, using Resin is more useful than using Flame Arc. It is a consumable that can deal approximately 150 lightning damage to your primary weapon. However, its duration is only 60 seconds, so get the most out of it while active.

The reason it is better than Flame Arc is that your damage has increased from 624 to 658 at all times. When fighting bosses or players in PvP, the bonus damage packs a punch.

Armor Set 

You can wear any armor you want because it is not part of this build. One thing to remember is to always stay under the 70% weight limit so that you are not considered overweight.

In general, looking elegant and having good liquidity are not complementary. We tried various armor sets, but most of them looked terrible or made the weight limit go over 70%. Although some players may be willing to make such sacrifices, we find it very difficult to affect my actions when my enemies roll quickly.


After reading this Dark Souls 3 quality build guide, you will better understand how the quality build Dark Souls 3 works. We suggest you try it out and use the equipment mentioned above. It’s fun to try and it’s feasible in both PVP and Boss battles.