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Desiremovies: Is it a Legal Website?

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Are you a fan of watching movies? Do you want to download and watch movies for free? Are you searching for a website to download free movies and TV shows?

Then your search may end with reading this article, as today we are reviewing a website that allows its user to download movies dn TV shows for free. The name of the website is Desiremovies and the link of the website is ‘desiremovies com’. 

What is DesireMovies? 

Desiremovies is a website that provides its users to download latest movies and TV shows for free. You can instantly stream or download any movie or TV show you like from this website without paying any amount or getting a subscription plan. 

You can download Hollywood, Bollywood, Telegu and Punjabi movies from Desiremovies com. The website has a wide range of movies and TV shows in its digital library and uploads new content and movies almost every day.  

Besides of allowing users to watch any movie or Tv show for free, this website also have a special feature of providing dubbed movies in multiple languages.

In this way a wide range of audiences from different regions and native languages can easily watch and enjoy movies in the language they prefer. 

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Is DesireMovies A Legal Website? 

Desiremovies is an illegal website and all the contents available on this website is illegally obtained and pirated. This website is a torrent website, all the movies and TV shows files are available to download via different torrents. 

Although obtaining and sharing pirated content is illegal, still this website is very popular and receives huge traffic daily, mostly from Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and many others.  

Desiremovies is an illegal website and this type of website always comes under the radar of internet security providers.

Due to which these types of websites often get banned, restricted and discontinued. To overcome this problem and provide its users with uninterrupted service, desiremovies works on multiple domains instead of one. 

Is DesireMovies Safe To Use? 

Desiremovies and any other similar websites are definitely not safe to use. These websites have a large number of third-party links which are often there to steal and manipulate your digital information somehow. 

Clicking on these types of websites you are often redirected to other websites, which is a possible threat at stealing your online data or giving a virus infection to your device. 

Features of DesireMovies 

  • Desiremovies allows its users to download or stream movies and TV shows for free 
  • Desiremovies offers movies and TV shows in multiple dubbed languages 
  • You can watch or stream movies on any device like mobile phones, tablets, computers and smart TV 
  • Besides watching movies and TV shows you can also enjoy cartoons and other visual content on this website 
  • Videos and movies are available in multiple quality setting 
  • The website is fairly easy to use with a very simple interface 
  • Desiremovies is available in many different domains 
  • The contents are regularly uploaded on the website 
  • New movies and TV shows are quickly made available for the users of desiremovies trade 
  • All the contents are readily available for download as a torrent file 

How to Download Movies From DesireMovies? 

As we have already mentioned, desiremovies com is an illegal website and saying that we will recommend you to stay away from any website that is dealing with illegal content in any way.

But if you still want to get your hand on some free movies to download then follow the steps below to enjoy a free movie. 

  • Open the link to the website in your browser 
  • Search for the movie or TV show you want to watch by typing the name in the search bar 
  • Select the content you want to watch from the results page 
  • Select the language in which you want the audio of the file 
  • Then select download if you want to download the file 
  • Or click on the play button if you want to stream online 
  • Enjoy your movie for free 

Use of VPN For Torrent Websites 

It is recommended and advised by many internet experts to not get involved with any website dealing with illegal contents or torrent files. Still, if you are willing to do so, it is advised that you use a VPN to protect your identity and information. 

The use of VPN temporarily changes your IP address, hiding your original location and IP address. Using a VPN make it easier to surf the web without ever losing your information or preventing yourself from identity theft. 


This article has engaged you in all the details about the website called Desiremovies. This website is very popular for downloading free movies and TV shows. Though it is recommended to use a VPN to download any files from this website. 

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