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Full Guide About Destiny 2 Randy’s Throwing Knife Medals

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Shadowkeep offers a lot of weapons so that players join a powerful tool to use in the fight with the power of darkness. One of these Shadowkeep weapons quests is for Randy’s Throwing Knife Scout Rifle.

It will ask the player to fill the progression bar by winning a single enemy step or Randy’s Throwing Knife medals of this particular search.

Reconnaissance by Fire:

To start the quests, you have to go to Mr. Shaxx of the Tower to provide it. The quest consists of two parts. The first part, the field of vision, must complete the following three tasks that make up most of the quest.

  • 450 Scout Rifle Final BLOWS
  • 2100 Glory
  • 14000 enemies were defeated, and Randy’s throwing knife medals

You need to return to Mr. Shaxx in the tower to obtain the rifle.

Now the main tasks of the quest may resemble a high order to complete at a glance, especially for familiar players.

Randy’s throwing knife medals

Most medals are not counted. This quest would quickly advance using an iron banner with a unique “pack” medal that appears more often than regular games. When you will get something like the medal of “quick strike” you will celebrate.

They are different. Rather, the only medal that seems to tell is a medal of multikill medal, doubles, triples, etc. These are actually advancing.

After a complete go-through of the game, we investigated the main Randy’s throwing knife medals that will definitely help in progress. Following are some of the best Randy’s throwing knife medals:

  • Assault specialist: defeat 7 opponents in the final blow of automatic rifle in a single match.
  • Lethal cadence: in a single match defeats the 7 opponents with the final blow of the pulse rifle.
  • Field Scout: in a single match defeats five opponents on a long range with a final blow of Rifle Scout.
  • Hawkeye: In a life, defeat two opponents in the final blow of the precision hand cannon.
  • Sub Machinist: The number of steps of the sub-machine in a single life defeats 2 opponents with the final blowing of the Gun.
  • Cold fusion: During a life of a single person, defeat two opponents with the Fusion rifle.
  • Splash damage: defeat more than one opponent with a single rocket.
  • Direct hit: defeat two opponents with direct pomegranate successes without changing weapons or without recharging.
  • Close encounter: defeat two opponents, within the scope of the closure with a shotgun without changing the weapons and without recharging.
  • Regent: defeat two opponents with a sword without changing arms.
  • Mission Control: defeats two opponents for the final blow of the discourse of the precision sniper rifle for a long time without changing and recharging weapons.
  • One for each of you, it offers the last sidearm final blow in 5 seconds, which lands with other weapons.

Killing enemies are really important, as they point to 14,000, so they increase more progress than kills to obtain medals from multikill. (Each medal seems to increase the progress of 140 or 1%).

 Acquiring medal: 

There is a simple phenomenon mentioned for earning Randy’s throwing knife medals, that is to kill enemies and obtain medals. However, it is not specified for the tasks necessary to acquire a multikill medal. The player noted that only the Multi-Kill medal was counted to be the purchased medals.

  • Therefore, it is recommended to work to get multiple skills to be grinding the missions. Cold Fusion and Hawkeye are some amazing medals; it is advised to work for them!
  • If you get a specific multikill medal type, you cannot get it back again in the same life, you can get different types of medals in the same life.
  • If you want to get a cold fusion rifle and do not bother by K/D, then you have to kill yourself for getting the first cold fusion medal, rinse and repeat. As the amount of Momentum is not available at this point, Rumble Game-Type seems to be the best place to move forward.

Final Words:

This was a complete guide about destiny 2 randy’s throwing knife medals and their choice. Although all the above-mentioned medals work for the progress we recommend going for cold fusion and Hawkeye medals for better progress. Comment your questions for more guidance.

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