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DMV Fight: DUI Lawyer Vs. The DMV – Tips To Win

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After being detained or facing a DUI charge, you will have a DMV hearing. Suspension of your driver’s license is one of the repercussions of a DUI charge. You need to make a DUI argument that is comparable to the one you might make in criminal court if you want to prevail at a DMV hearing.

Depending on the severity and whether it is the defendant’s first offense, a DUI conviction will result in a criminal sentence. These criminal sentences include community service, a fine, or possibly jail time. It also can result in a driver’s license suspension. Those who prevail at their DMV hearing will regain their driving rights. In their criminal DUI case, they can also utilize the victory as leverage.

What is a DMV Hearing?

Every state considers driving while intoxicated by alcohol or other drugs to be a DUI crime. DUI Crime is known by many names depending on the state. It can be named as operating under the influence (OUI). It is also known as driving while intoxicated (DWI), or driving under the influence (DUI).

DUI Lawyer Vs The DMV

A blood alcohol content (BAC) test may indicate intoxication. But still a knowledgeable DUI lawyer may work to have the case dropped. or the charges lightened. Additionally, lawyers can frequently bargain for reduced penalties and treatment diversion programs.

Tips for DUI Lawyers To Win a DMV Case

In a DMV hearing, the following ten defense points can be used by a DUI lawyer to win a DMV fight:

Show That Your BAC Level Was Falsely Represented and BAC Equipment Did Not Work Properly

A misleading BAC reading may be caused by several things, such as an “increasing BAC,” the use of certain drugs, and a low-carb diet. It can also be caused by the presence of certain medical problems like GERD or acid reflux.

Also, breath test instruments need to be regularly maintained and calibrated. The results might not be accurate if the device’s calibration records indicate a problem or if it wasn’t calibrated correctly.

Also, an officer must watch you for 15 minutes before using a breathalyzer on you. This is to prevent you from eating, drinking, or throwing up before the test. The results might not be accurate if you weren’t adequately observed.

Prove That the Officer Has No Good Justification To Stop You

In Wyoming and many states to hold a driver for drunk driving, police must have reasonable suspicion that the person was doing so. This implies that a person who has been arrested for drunk driving may succeed in a DMV hearing. This is possible if their DUI attorney can demonstrate that the arresting officer lacked probable cause.

DUI Lawyers in Wyoming could argue that an officer may have lacked probable cause to arrest for any variety of reasons, according to a DUI lawyer. Also, DUI Lawyers in Wyoming could argue that the driver followed all traffic laws while driving. They could also argue that the police pulled the driver over due to racial profiling. The DUI lawyer could construct a DUI defense from this.

Prove That the Officer Did Not Have the Right To Stop You

A car cannot be stopped by an officer without cause. There is a solid argument that the officer did not have sufficient reason to pull you over. This is true if you were following all traffic laws at the time you were stopped.

Prove That the DUI Checkpoint Was Illegal

It is permissible to conduct a DUI checkpoint, but participating officers must adhere to strict legal requirements and protocols. Cars must be randomly inspected. The public must be informed in advance of the checkpoint, and supervisors must be on hand to oversee the operation.

Show that you did not drive the vehicle (if you were not driving)

DUI Lawyer Vs The DMV

If drivers or their defense attorneys can demonstrate that they were not driving when the police made the arrest, they will win the DMV hearing. A hearing officer should overturn a license suspension in cases where the police did not personally observe an arrestee operating a vehicle.

For instance, in Wyoming, there must be proof of “volitional movement” to be found guilty of DUI. You are not convicted of DUI if you did not operate your vehicle. It is not against the law to simply relax or sleep in your car.

Consider someone who decides to “sleep it off” rather than drive after getting behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated. Because the person, in this case, wasn’t driving, driving while intoxicated is not an offense. The DMV shouldn’t revoke the person’s license as a result.

Argue That the Officer Is Not Properly Trained for Breath Tests

The results could be faulty if the officer doing the field sobriety or alcohol breath test was not properly trained. When administering a breath test, an officer must obtain two samples with a maximum difference of.02 grams per liter of blood alcohol. 

The outcome might not be reliable if two samples were not collected. If the officer is not properly trained, he could make errors while taking these samples.

Show You Did Not Know the Consequences of Not Taking a Breath Test

An officer has to inform you in full of the repercussions of refusing an alcohol test before asking you to submit to one. The officer is required to inform the driver that their driver’s license would be immediately suspended for a year if they refuse to submit to a chemical test or a breathalyzer test.

Furthermore, the officer is required to read this warning aloud because it is written down. If the police don’t do this, the individual who was arrested for DUI may prevail at the DMV hearing. A DMV hearing officer could overturn a license suspension if any of these behaviors were present.

Prove Errors in the Police Report

On a police report, officers frequently cut and paste inaccurate material. They can also forget to complete the DS367 section. The justification for the officer’s stopping you is given in this section. The DMV will probably be unable to fulfill its burden of proof to demonstrate probable cause if it is left blank or if the material is copied and pasted without the officer’s initials. Additionally, if the report contains any additional mistakes or inconsistencies, your lawyer might be able to stop the license from being suspended.

Prove That Your BAC Was Below 0.08

The DMV can typically only revoke a driver’s license in a DUI case if the motorist was arrested for the offense, and had a blood alcohol content (BAC) reading of .08% or above. Or it can be suspended if they refuse to submit to a blood or breath test. Drivers who have been pulled over for an infraction can prevail at a DMV hearing. This is possible by demonstrating that their blood alcohol level test results were below .08%.

Show That You Agreed to a Blood Test

If drivers can demonstrate that they complied with authorities and submitted to a blood or breath test, they will prevail at a DMV hearing. As long as the test findings indicate that the drivers weren’t drunk, this is possible.

Drivers can show that they consented to a breath test, and attempted to “blow” but their breath samples were insufficient. A hearing officer should reverse a suspension if any of this evidence is presented.


For a few reasons, it can be difficult to prevail at a DMV hearing. First off, the hearing officer at the DMV serves as both the judge and the prosecutor. Their top objective is to ensure that your license is suspended.

Additionally, they do not follow the exacting rules of evidence that apply in a real court. Therefore, for your defense to succeed at your DMV hearing, it must be supported by as much solid, convincing evidence as possible.

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