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Do you Know What does .com Domain Mean and Why It is the Best?

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In your day-to-day life, you often need to search or lookout for things on the Internet. While browsing any content, you certainly come across various websites that must have ‘.com’ at the end of their names. The .com is the domain extension. It is the most employed and valuable domain suffix one can have. 

Also, it is not incorrect to say that the Google search engine gives a little more preference to the websites that possess the .com domain name. Many online businesses may wonder why it is so.

This article will make you discover all you have to know about the .com. Further, we have also highlighted the industry-leading web hosting company that renders .com Domain at lowest price – Hostbillo. Plunge into the sections below and acquire all the insights. 

.COM in URL Addresses: What Does It Mean?

In the 1980s, the top-level domains (TLDs), categorized into 6 types had distinct purposes. However, these days, any domain category can be employed for any purpose. 

Among the TLDs, the most prevalent and dependable one is the .com extension. The registry Verisign runs the .com domain name. it is an acronym for ‘commercial.’ 

So, earlier, it was intended to be used by commercial organizations. But, at present, you can use it regardless of having any industry background. It serves as the global standard for online presence due to its high credibility. 

Often, the .com Domain targets to engage the multi-national audience.

Reasons Why .COM Domain Name is Best for Your Business Website

Mentioned below are the most noteworthy reasons why you can consider .com domain a priority for your website – 

  • Majority Websites Use .com Domain Name

A large percentage of websites on the Internet make use of the .com domain extension. Almost all fastest-evolving corporations own this domain name. With the .com domain name, it becomes quite easier to bring in multi-national users. 

Further, its trustworthy and accountable character makes it highly worthy of the attention it receives. The engagement with .com becomes even more obvious when dealing with sensitive details and personal information for online purchases.

  • People Think That Your Website Ends With .COM 

There is an overwhelming market share of the .com domain. There are over 135 million .com Domain registrations. So, most Internet users have become accustomed to presuming the web site’s name is followed by .com. 

While browsing any brand, company, or organization’s address on the web, people often end up typing ‘.com’ in the end. 

  • .COM Domain Improve Website Credibility

The Internet has welcomed more than a thousand alternative domain extensions. However, numerous people are still not acquainted with the new ones. 

When someone encounters the .com extension after any brand’s name, they acquire credibility about the brand.  

  • .COM Domain shows That Your Business is Established

Considering the previous point of credibility that comes with .com, you can infer that the .com domain can be worth substantial money. 

So, suppose a business is not hesitating to invest a significant amount of money to buy or retain a .com domain name. It is assumed that the business is reliable and has established itself well. 

  • Search Engine Prefer .COM Domain Websites sometimes

Search engines, like Google, take count credibility, security, and reliability as factors to rank any site. So, it is a fact that a website with a .com domain name has a better chance to obtain the best possible SEO ranking. 

  • No TLD Specific Rules for .COM Domain

Various TLDs, incorporting gTLDs  generic top-level domains) and ccTLD (country code top-level domains) have some strings attached. However, the .com domain name does not come with any specific rules tied to it. 

Hostbillo Sell .com Domain at Lowest Price

Hostbillo Sell .com

Hostbillo is a well-recognized web hosting company that enables users to acquire the .com Domain at Cheap prices. So, you get the possibility to level up your business with minimal investment. 

You will not regret purchasing .com at the lowest price. Further, you obtain numerous benefits while purchasing the .com domain name at Hostbillo. Some of them are –

  • Email

You get a professional email address that can be associated with your domain name. Initially, you obtain mailbox space of at least 2GB. Later, you can upscale the space anytime as per your business necessity.  

  • Security

At Hostbillo, you acquire various security features. For instance, SSL certificates, data encryption, and other advanced measures. This ensures your website’s visitors safe and secure website accessibility. Also, your website gets the way to attain a better SEO ranking on Google.

  • Easy Setup

Hostbillo lets you have a one-click activation feature. This enables you to readily link your domain with social media platforms, web hosting, and email.

  • Domain Lock

You also attain the domain lock security feature with the .com domain at lowest price. The domain lock security prevents unauthorized access during the domain transfer.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Hostbillo web hosting company guarantees 24/7/365 customer support service. A team of proficient professionals is always available to help and assist you. 

Final Verdict

The .com domain is memorable, credible, and valuable. It easily drives more audience. It is also counted as the most reliable and renowned domain all over the globe. 

Every online business, from multinational companies, and local companies to startups, can utilize the .com domain name for launching their online business. The .com top-level Domain enables a business website to showcase professionalism and dependability.  

With Hostbillo you can transfer .com Domain at just one click. Browse the official site of Hostbillo right away to get further insightful details about domain extension and Buy the .com domain at lowest price –

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