Don Lemon Age and Net Worth 2021

Don Lemon Age


Don Lemon is an American television reporter. Don Lemon was born in the United States and hosted several weekend shows on local TV stations in Pennsylvania and Alabama. Subsequently, he continued working as a news reporter for NBC.

In 2014, he rose to fame as the host of CNN Tonight. Don Lemon age is 55 years. As of 2021, Don Lemon net worth per year is estimated at approximately $4 million.


Lemon received the Edward R. Murrow Award for his work. In 2006, he warned about three Chicago / Midwest Emmy Awards, one for commercial characteristics in real estate listings and two for reporting on the HIV / AIDS situation in Africa.

In 2011, he spoke about color discrimination in the black community and the sexual abuse he experienced as a child. He declared himself homosexual and claimed that he has known his sexual orientation since he was 56 years old.

In 2006, Lemon joined CNN. He has hosted New Year’s Eve special from New Orleans since 2014. He featured his broadcast with “Tonight is CNN, I am Tang Lemon, and the President of the United States is a racist in 2018.”

He won the Native Son Award in 2016. The following year, “Out” included him on the Power 50 list of “the most influential LGBTQ person in America”. As of 2021, Don Lemon net worth is estimated at US$4 million.

How does Tang Lemon spend his money? 

As we all know, Don Lemon is one of the richest TV presenters. According to reports, his annual salary at CNN is $4 million. His income mainly comes from his salary and bonuses. Lemon is a proud homeowner in Sag Harbor.

Don Lemon’s house: 

Don Lemon has a beautiful home in Sag Harbor. The residence is equipped with a 3,500 square foot designer residence, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a guest room, and a built-in mahogany bar.

Other facilities include a library with a game table, master bedroom, and gas fireplace. Don reportedly paid $ 3.1 million for the Sag Harbor residence.

Don sold a house in Harlem for millions of dollars:

As early as February 2021, the Los Angeles Times reported that Don sold his apartment in Harlem, New York for $ 1.525 million. He originally bought it in 2013 at a price approximately $ 37,000 lower than the asking price.

Looks like he was able to sell because he found a new position in Hampton. According to the article, he also spent $ 3.1 million in 2016 to purchase a “quaint cabin” in Sag Harbor.

The New York Post reported that a spy claimed that Don and her fiancé Tim Malone (Tim Malone) grew up in a New York apartment. They liked their neighborhood and they stayed there, but they didn’t have enough space to start a family. A few years ago Don Lemon has a very small space for living. The article said that a few years ago he had a one-bedroom apartment.

It seemed that he was buying the surrounding units and merging them to sell in $ 969,000 in 2017. Now that Don and Tim are engaged, they could have bought more space to start a family. As we know that Don Lemon age is 55 years now and he is thinking about starting a family.

In an interview with Tamron Hall in March 2021, Don said he was considering this issue. He is thinking about starting a family very soon. However, they want to make sure that they get married first, and then wait until the pandemic is over before the wedding.

Don Lemon cars: 

Don Lemon has the world’s best luxury cars. Car brands owned by the reporter and Anchor Don Lemon include Zenvo ST1 and Polestar 1 ($ 155,000), which are valued at approximately $ 1.2 million.

Final words:

Don lemon age is 55 years, he was born on March 1, 1966. He is one of the most famous TV personalities (Anchorperson). He has his house in Sag Harbor and the best luxury cars in the world. He is one of the richest TV anchors in America. Don Lemon net worth is about $12 million including his property and income.

He is a leading example for the young generation who fought for the elimination of racism. He set many examples of bravery and honesty. Now he is thinking about starting a family soon after the pandemic ends.

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