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Elevator shoes for men – feel on top of the world

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Wearing regular shoes can sometimes be problematic for men because they are focused on style only, making them not ideal for your everyday life. You always end up choosing the same flat pair of shoes, which is elegant and comfortable but doesn’t address the height or posture issues you may have.

While ladies have the luxury to wear high heels to resolve that issue, men often feel left out without a real option. This is why elevator shoes are becoming a huge deal nowadays. Indeed, why shouldn’t men have the same option as ladies, but with a style that is more discrete, optimized and comfortable?

The idea that wearing elevator shoes can come with a high level of discomfort, or look too feminine, as high heels do, has led many men to avoid purchasing them, thereby depriving themselves of the many benefits associated with wearing elevator shoes.

Elevator shoes look just like ordinary shoes. They differ from regular heeled shoes in that they hide a specially designed insole that discreetly increases the wearer’s height by 2.5 to 5 inches. Since the added height is on the inside of the shoe instead of the outside, it feels completely natural and hidden from others.

The main design of the shoe, which uses the mechanics of human physiology, is focused on flexion to better fit the foot, and uses a scientific design that increases layers to create the “elevator” effect. Therefore, the magic of height growth lies in the thick foam layers sandwiched between the insole and outsole, so the shoe’s exterior aesthetic can completely hide it.

One of the benefits of increasing the height of the shoe is that it will make your legs look longer by lengthening the silhouette. This is because being tall makes your legs appear longer, which will inevitably elongate your figure. Some people tend to gain a few extra inches by wearing heels or cleavage, but this is a more subtle way to gain extra height that fits perfectly what men look for.

While a slight increase in height is an obvious benefit of choosing a lifting shoe, it goes beyond superficial considerations and aesthetics. If the idea of being shorter than a stranger, co-worker, friend or partner, is understandably difficult, being able to take control of your overall height with a pair of guidomaggi elevator shoes is a no-brainer solution.

Most people do not feel confident while talking with a taller person, however, when they put on their elevator shoes, they feel relieved and confident again. Gaining height thanks to guidomaggi elevator shoes will make you feel more dominant, look better and comfortable with yourself, and makes you feel on top of the world.

Wearing elevator shoes can also potentially improve your physical health or prevent it from getting worse. The extra padding inside of the shoe not only increases your height by inches, but also reduces the impact force your feet absorb.

Thus, elevator shoes might help you with back pain or knee issues associated with standing up or walking for a long time during your work day.

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