Elizabeth Woods’ Husband, Age and Net Worth 2021

Elizabeth Woods

Elizabeth Woods Biography

Elizabeth Woods is the mother of famous model Jordyn Woods. Elizabeth Woods’ husband was John Woods (sound engineer) and they had four children. Their marriage ended when Elizabeth Woods’ husband died on January 18, 2017, two weeks after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Even if John Woods died, Elizabeth was still a loyal wife. She is a working-class woman who truly loves her children and is very loyal to her family. Elizabeth and John are friends of the Smith family.

She is presently a photographer and brand manager for PR and Mixed Image Media in Los Angeles.

She is also known as the agent of Jordyn Woods, the daughter of a 21-year-old reality show star or plus-size model. Elizabeth graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Wayne State University in California.

Elizabeth Woods’ age and parents:

There is no information about Elizabeth Woods’ parents. She may have been born and spent most of her life in California.

Although she looks as young as a lady in her twenties, Elizabeth Woods’ age may be near early fifties; however, we are not sure of Elizabeth Woods age or date of birth because she has not disclosed any information about her.

Since Elizabeth has not revealed her early life on any social media platform, only a few things can be said about her childhood and past life. However, who their parents are and where they are at this time are not counted.


However, Elizabeth’s biography shows that she is a professional photographer and the talent manager who manages her daughter Jordyn, and she is also the owner of a brand management company called Woods Management Group.

Her job responsibilities include establishing strong business relationships, creating integrated events for TV, radio and online platforms; and negotiating with the media.

Like Elizabeth’s career, she is the kind of woman who leads by example and meticulous in any family-related matters.

This is one of the reasons why you are involved in matters related to your child in social media and real life.

Elizabeth has been by Jordyn’s side since the news that Jordyn allegedly hooked up with an NBA player, Kylie’s sister Khloe Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson, spread through social media.

It’s truly touching to witness individuals unite in times of hardship. If you enjoy following celebrity narratives, be sure to check out the Lisa Cadette Detwiler bio.

Where she lives now?

Elizabeth currently lives in West Hill, Los Angeles, California, but she is a woman who loves to travel.

Although she is a socialite, she decided to hide too much from the media, probably because she wanted to maintain a little privacy or protect herself from public interference, so she only said a few things about her personal life.

Elizabeth Woods kids:

In addition to being a businesswoman, Elizabeth Woods is a faithful mother of four children: two sons John Woods III and Joshua Woods, and two daughters Jordyn Woods and Jodie Woods.

Although the death of her husband was tragic, she did not deviate from taking care of her children and family. What a lovely mother!

  1. John Woods III was the first son of John and Elizabeth. He is a model and his career was established by experts from Elizabeth Agency. John and Elizabeth are very close to each other. Obviously, Elizabeth has a good relationship with her children.
  2. Joshua Woods is Elizabeth’s second son. He is an artist and tattoo artist, and he is also run by his mother’s agency. Joshua worked on some tattoos of his immediate sister. Joshua doesn’t really like social media. He is really focused on his career, not on himself.
  3. Jordyn Woods is Elizabeth’s first daughter and the third kid of the Woods family. She is also a model and social media star like John Woods III. She is a model and social media star, and is best known as Kylie Jenner’s best friend. Recently, since allegations that Jordyn Woods hooked up with Canadian basketball player Tristan Thompson (Tristan Thompson) began to circulate.
  4. Judie Woods is the second daughters of John and Elizabeth and the last daughter of the family. She was born on January 7, 2007. Although she is just 12 years old, she has become a social media star with more than 240,000 followers on Instagram story.

Elizabeth Woods’ Net worth:

The relationship between Elizabeth Woods and her children spread on social media, especially on Instagram. Furthermore, Elizabeth Woods also gained some wealth thanks to her hard work and diligence.

However, the exact figure for Elizabeth Woods’s net worth has yet to be released. But her first daughter has a net worth of more than $ 5 million, most of which she earned from models.

After Elizabeth Woods’s husband died, Elizabeth and her children grew closer. In fact, earlier this year, Elizabeth and Jordyn went to London to celebrate Elizabeth’s birthday at Knight’s Scalini restaurant in London, where she surprised her with a luxurious cake. That night, someone saw them all wearing animal dresses.