Essential Components of Drip Campaign Emails for Marketers

Drip Campaign Emails

The latest talk of the town concerning marketing is email marketing. Several reasons are responsible for the same. 

Firstly, email marketing comes out as a cost-effective marketing method and makes it possible for businesses, big and small, to invest in email marketing.

Secondly, it promises a broader reach, which is another primary reason. Last but not the least, email marketing has enormous scope for customization. Every customer likes to be spoken to on a one-to-one basis. Email marketing helps to achieve just that. Scrapebox alternative could be so much use to you as potential lead or customer. This is the finest approach to extract emails in a quick and straightforward manner.

The best part about email marketing is that it is a vast field divided into different sub-email types. You can adopt a mix of different email types or stick to one. You can get in touch with an email marketing services agency to get more details. However, in today’s write-up, we will be speaking about drip campaign emails.

What is Drip Campaign Emails?

Drip Campaign Emails, better known as Drip Email Marketing, is a form of email marketing in which a series of automated emails reach your target audience. The point of differentiation here is that these emails are triggered based on your audience’s actions.

Furthermore, it does not matter when the customer joins your email platform. They will still receive the emails in the same sequence. 

For instance, you may be an online apparel store. A customer might add a few apparels to their cart and decide to complete the transaction at a later stage. There is a possibility that the customer has forgotten this action. Here is where an automated reminder email will reach your prospect. These are known as abandoned cart emails and are a form of drip emails.

Components of Drip Campaign Email:

Capturing & Segmentation of the Target Audience:

Best drip campaign emails begin with capturing your brand’s target audience. The very purpose of drip emails is a high level of personalization, so narrowing down on your audience becomes necessary.

You cannot stop here. What you need to do next is focus your attention on segmentation. Segment your target audience further into independent clusters to not become challenging to trigger action-oriented emails.

Segmentation makes room for adding up prospects with similar tastes and expectations together. This action, in turn, guarantees the success of your drip email campaign.

CTAs are the game-changers:

Since the purpose of drip email campaigns is to follow a specific sequence, which is triggered by customer action, it is essential to persuade your prospect to take necessary action in the first place.

This scenario is where CTAs become important. For instance, you may have crafted a personalized email with a CTA that says download the e-coupon if you wish to enjoy a particular percentage discount on a jewellery line. Now, if your prospect goes ahead and downloads the e-coupon, it is clear that they may be interested in exploring the jewellery line. This factor only means the following email should be related to the jewellery line.

Avoid over-complicating the CTA. You need not include too many CTAs in one email. Try to be as specific and crisp as possible.

Know the number:

Since drip emails refer to a sequence of emails that will be delivered to your prospect’s inbox, you need to be clear on the number of emails you would be floating.

Experts suggest that too many emails can hamper the engagement level, so you need to focus on a moderate number of drip emails. Knowing your business objectives and flow will help you decide better. You can experiment with different modules before closing on one.

Automation is the Answer:

Since drip emails work in a sequence and are action-based, it is impossible to run these campaigns manually.

Thus, you have no option but to automate the entire process. Automation allows you to create your drip email campaigns workflow.

Take some primary action to fix the triggers, load the email content, and record the delivery intervals. Your email marketing campaign is good enough when this approach is done right.

Time to try Drip Email Campaigns:

All this while, if you have been procrastinating turning to drip email campaigns, then it is high time that you try this branch of email marketing.

While the above components would help you launch a successful drip email campaign, it is essential to be well versed with the KPIs.

KPIs can range anything from open rate, click-through rate, number of unsubscribers to revenue generated since the start of the campaign.

If the recorded figures are satisfactory, your drip email campaign will be a success. If not, you may have to initiate some basic tweaks, and you are good to reintroduce this campaign.

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